Summary of a Weird Week…and Rock Show…

Been a weird week.

I’ve had the anticipation of the Drive-By Truckers show building all week.  I’m not too hot on the band’s most recent record (which I’ll talk about at length in my top 10 of 2011—sooner than I’m prepared for since the damn year’s already almost over!)…but their shows are always magical, and I had been looking forward to it for a long time.

In the week leading up to the show, the St. Louis Cardinals were moving closer and closer to winning the World Series (of Baseball!!!).  The whole series, as most of you know better than I do, had been back and forth, and from what I hear the whole thing was one for the ages.  (I’m not that into Baseballing.  Sorry America.)  Game 6 could’ve decided the whole thing if the Rangers had won it.  It was scheduled for Wednesday.  Then it rained.  And rained.  And the game was moved to Thursday.

Somewhere along the way, my Dad ended up with a ticket to see Game 7 of the series, if it went that far.  Now, I’m no baseball fan, as I said, but even I can see the appeal of going to Game 7 when your hometown team is in the World Series.  (Especially if you’re someone like my dad, who at one time worked at Sportsman’s Park, for God’s sake!)  But the problem was that Dad is also a Drive-By Truckers fan…and he had a ticket to that too…and with Game 6 being moved to Thursday, Game 7 was now scheduled for Friday…the same day as the DBT show.

Of course, you all know by now that it did go to Game 7.  And yes, Dad went to the game.  And yes, he saw the Cardinals win.

The Truckers ended up sending out Facebook messages throughout the day on Friday announcing that the start of their set would be moved back to 10:30—they later amended that to be “the end of the game” (which could’ve been forever, but was just a little bit after 10:30, as it turned out).  For a second, we thought Dad might make it to the show after all…but he didn’t.  So my brother and I watched the Boys (and Girl) from Alabama rock the Pageant without Dad for the first time in several years.  Kind of a bummer…but at least Dad saw the game.

And so did we…the Pageant brought down a big-assed screen in front of the stage and showed the game on it.  The opening band still went on at 8:30, and I suspect they played longer than they were originally meant to…but then the screen came down and the concert-goers watched the Cards win the Golden Ball, or whatever the hell they give you for winning that thing.  The club let the feed run a little longer than they should have, probably…because a LOUD “D-B-T! D-B-T!” chant started in the club (which I was very happy to hear…because rock and roll kicks baseball’s ass any day…and most other things, too).  The band was on not long thereafter and they put on a GREAT rock show.

And that was one part of my weird week…

The rest of my weird week had to do with work, which I don’t like to talk about on the blog…but the short version, and probably all I can say about it, is that I’ve had a scared old man calling me every day who is a very clear example of why “Obamacare” is a good idea (personal opinion, not necessarily that of my workplace)…but it doesn’t help him yet, and there’s nothing I can do to help him either…and I’ve been kind of carrying it with me.  (It’s not an “I think my bosses are wrong” type of thing…it’s just the world sucking in that certain way it does when you’re old and alone, and only have a helpless claim rep in St. Louis to listen to you.)

And I’ve been exhausted.  There’s always that…

But hey…  I saw a great rock show last night and got to spend some time with my brother.  And I bought the merch (t-shirt / hat / poster).  And I got a burger at my favorite place (Blueberry Hill) before the show.  And I met the girls (and guy) from Those Darlins after their set.  (Really nice folks who write awesome music.  You know them from this commercial.)

All in all…  Better than a kick in the dingly-dangly.


  • Quotable Quote: “Is anybody watching that TV back there?” – Mike Cooley, of the Drive-By Truckers over an hour into their set, well after the game, admonishing the bar for still having the TV on.  (Which is VERY disrespectful to the band that people came to see…there’s kind of an etiquette about it, and the Pageant didn’t follow it until he said something.  Then they switched it off.  Cooley went on about it for probably a good 30-60 seconds, with Patterson Hood and the crowd laughing and supporting him all the way.)

This is basically just a description of my Sunday…

Today, I led worship at my church again.  I was wearing torn up jeans, a Motorhead t-shirt, a flannel, and Doc Martins.  And no one minded at all.  Which is awesome.

Played the following songs:

  1. Are You Washed in the Blood
  2. Water
  3. Jesus, All for Jesus
  4. Blessed Assurance
  5. Jesus, All for Jesus (Reprised at request of the preacher)
  6. How Great Thou Art
  7. What a Friend We Have in Jesus

It was a good day.  Played the 1972 Alvarez I bought from my brother’s store.  (I call that one “Slim,” because the previous owner had his initials—SLM—engraved onto the truss-rod cover.)  Smaller crowd than usual…but good folks.  Was a little distracted by the guy I was sitting with.  He was chatty during the sermon—good guy, just a short attention span.  My throat was a little clogged.  Still hasn’t totally cleared out from being sick weeks ago.  (That’s frustrating.)

My voice cut out briefly during the first song, but people kept singing anyway.  I made a joke about it.  They laughed.  It was good.  A few years back (maybe even when I was Music Ministering at Ferguson), that’s the kind of thing I would’ve beaten myself up about.  I don’t know if I’ve grown or if I’ve just stopped caring about that kind of thing…but either way, making a joke and getting a laugh is better than getting frustrated and only thinking about the mistake.  As it was, I made the joke, moved on, and the rest was fine, I think.  Even fun.  Possibly inspirational, I don’t know…but Lucas did ask me to play that one song again, and he probably wouldn’t have if it sucked.  If nothing else, I think the guitar sounded good.  I’d never played it out in public before…so that was fun.

After church, I went home to unload the stuff from my car.  My neighbors were outside grilling and listening to good old blues music.  I complimented them on their music choice and we chatted a bit.  Then I ate chili.  Then took a nap.  Presently avoiding baseball and watching a (somewhat randomly scheduled, it would seem) How I Met Your Mother marathon.

…and of course writing this.

Sorry if that ws a boring read…but I’m just trying to get stuff on the blog more regularly (again).  So…y’know…sometimes it might suck.

Current Listening:

  • Tom Waits – Bad As Me — New record. I did a pre-order on it, so I got it yesterday instead of on Tuesday, which is the actual release date.  It’s really, really good.  Instant add to my top five of the year.  “Hell Broke Luce” is amazingly well crafted.  And I forget which song it’s in, but I immediately loved the line, “The only way down from the gallows is to swing.”  Keith Richards plays guitar on about half of the record (yes that Keith Richards), and it also boasts appearances by Flea and Les Claypool (yes, those Fleas and Les Claypools).  It’s good to have Tom back, and as I said on my Tumblr page…  It made me want to drink and smoke and dance.  And that’s exactly what I wanted!

There are virtually NO good Halloween costumes for a guy with a beard. There just aren’t.

Well, it’s been a few days.  Let’s get random…

  1. In case you missed it—and according to the record-low ratings, a lot of you did—the St. Louis Cardinals are in th World Series against the guys who George W. Bush used to own.  (The Cardinals vs. the Iraqis?) I don’t care about baseball at all.  I don’t care much about MOST sports in fact.  (I just think it’s ridiculous to have your entire day ruined or made by the abilities of others—and that’s the only kind of fan in St. Louis, from what I can tell.)  However, I have enough hometown pride to want to see them do well.  And if nothing else, it’s an honor to be nominated…or however this thing works.
  2. I’ve let the Empty Checking thing slide a little bit…mostly the never-ending kitchen remodel is still ongoing (and it’s looking pretty good—I’m happy, it’s just a lengthy process, because it’s being done by ONE man, and he’s doing it RIGHT) and a lot of the times I normally would use to record something like that are instead being taken up with electrical work or flooring work…or some kind of work.  I’ll get back to it.  I’ve got plenty I want to talk about.
  3. Tickets are finally in hand for the upcoming Drive-By Truckers show in St. Louis!  (Well…not in my hand…but in my brother’s.)  Looking forward to the show and the new merch I’ll be picking up.  I’m not too hot on the new record (“Go Go Boots”), but the Boys from Alabama are always fun in concert.  Looking forward to it.
  4. Work has been pretty busy, at least at my desk.  I think we’re ALL feeling it on one level or another, but I can only speak for myself.  I go home every day exhausted and sometimes waking up in the morning has been harder than usual lately.  We’re getting a lot done though, and I’m constantly being given new and different responsibilities—and it’s cool to be trusted with new and different stuff.  If nothing else, the job keeps challenging me and forcing me to do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise.  So that’s okay.
  5. Church has gotten interesting.  On Sundays, we meet in the N 14th Street area of St. Louis.  If you’re familiar with that area (or North City in general), you know that there are segments that are really nice, segments that are really NOT nice, and segments that have been flat-out abandoned.  (And a lot of the latter sections were really nice up until the yuppies got bored.)  In the past few weeks, Lucas (who does most of the preaching and whatnot) has been on the phone with city representatives talking to them about a roughly one-mile stretch of that area that has been pretty much disregarded and fallen into—not exactly disrepair, but just disuse, if that’s a word.  We don’t own that land.  A lot of people don’t own that land…  But starting very soon, we’re going to start giving a shit about it.  We’re going to be cleaning it up, making it presentable, making it an area people WANT to go into again…  It’s been a long process, but Lucas has finally started getting “yes, yes, yes, go ahead” type answers from the city-people…and we’re going to be one of the handful of churches that actually does something PHYSICAL to meet the needs of the community, instead of just talking about it and thinking nice thoughts.  That’s pretty exciting, if you ask me.
  6. Also pretty exciting: Rollercoasters.  Unrelated, though.
  7. Seriously…NEVER put alcohol on a bug bite.  The well-meaning older-lady who tells you it’s a good idea is wrong.  You’ll just develop red, dry, irritated patches where the bug bite was…and even though you use lotion on the area, it’ll heal slowly.  And people will be like “Dude…what happened to your hand?”  So don’t do it.
  8. So I heard about that thing in Ohio where all the animals were set loose…but I didn’t hear about Gaddafi’s death until like a half hour ago.  I choose to believe that the Ohio police shot him, too.
  9. I made some spicy-as-hell chili last weekend.  It was good.  I want more…but slightly less spicy.  So I think I’m firing up another batch this weekend.  Sorry, colon.
  10. I haven’t posted since I played at church last Sunday…so here’s the list of songs I did.  Playing again this week, and hopefully I’ll post this week’s list sooner…
    1. O How I Love Jesus
    2. Blessed Be Your Name
    3. I Surrender All
    4. Holy is the Lord
  11. Finally been able to get some decent work done on the Two Hangmen website.  It’s been delayed for the same basic reason that I haven’t done an Empty Checking podcast lately.  All the times I normally would’ve, I’ve been watching a man build a kitchen…but I made a bit of a dent.  Got a few more pages to build, but it should be pretty smooth.  I think it’ll be up by the end of the weekend, if I can get a couple of hours in on it on Saturday.
  12. I had tacos tonight.  Every time I have tacos, I want more tacos.  I think it’s a scam.

…and that’ll do it for now.  Hope you had a good Shemini Atzeret, Jews.

Happy Hagar Day!

Today is October 13 (or was…this is probably going up after midnight, by the time I’m done writing it).  That’s Sammy Hagar’s birthday.  (I know that because he has a really good record called “Ten 13” and he’s incorporated the number 13 into artwork for a long time—I even used to and still might have a Sammy hat that depicts the #13 Billiard ball.)  Once I realized the date, I went a little Sammy crazy.  Even stole a joke from my dad and put it on Facebook.  I texted “Happy Hagar Day!” to him.  He texted back, “I didn’t know. Thanks. I will wear red to the Cards game tonight in Sammy’s honor.”  Good joke.

Fortunately, I’m able to listen to my iPod at work—my bosses are cool like that—so I spent most of today listening to silly-assed rock and roll featuring the Red Rocker.  I got to thinking about it, and it’s amazing how much Sammy stuff I love and how long he’s been a force in my life.  I understand that hardly anywhere has the same love affair with Sammy Hagar that St. Louis does…it’s pretty much us, Dallas, maybe San Francisco or Fresno or something…and Cabo San Lucas, of course.  A lot of people dismiss him as a big doof—and he is—and think of him as “that guy who didn’t measure up to David Lee Roth”—which he’s not.  Sammy’s been under-rated for almost all of his career, as he himself will tell you…but it’s good to see him finally getting some serious attention for his autobiography and especially for his work with Chickenfoot.

Posted below is a rough timeline of what Sammy-based experiences I’ve had, and what they’ve meant to me.  (Not every record/moment is discussed, of course.)  It’s in order of SAMMY’s timeline, not in order of when I heard the record or when it became important to me…because that’s the easiest way to do it based off his Wikipedia page.

A Timeline of Red Rock:

  • 1973 – Sammy writes/records “Bad Motor Scooter” with Montrose. – I wasn’t alive at the time (I was born in 1980), and for a very long time dismissed the song, until I saw Sammy a few years ago and he broke out a lap-steel and played around a little, eventually settling into the intro for the song.  I believe my exact words to my brother were, “If that goofy asshole can play one of those, I can!”  I bought a lap steel the next week.  First song I learned?  “Bad Motor Scooter.” (EDIT–in red, of course: On the off-chance that Sammy ever reads this, the term “goofy asshole” was said lovingly.  That’s just how we talk, sir.)
  • 1977 – Sammy releases the “Sammy Hagar” record. Contains hits “Red” and “Rock and Roll Weekend.” – Both of those songs are STILL radio standards in St. Louis.  KSHE Classics, we’d call them.  (KSHE95 is the major rock radio station in St. Louis.  Sammy often credits this town and KSHE with launching his professional career and can often be seen wearing Cardinals paraphernalia in nationally released promotional material.  He loves us, and we love him.)  Probably why I owned so much red clothing as a kid.  Also probably why I so frequently get on the phone and call all of my friends to express that the weekend will be filled with the music style of Rock and Roll.
  • 1981 – Sammy releases “Standing Hampton.” Contains songs: “I’ll Fall in Love Again,” “One Way to Rock,” “Baby’s on Fire,” and “Heavy Metal.” – Kick-ass record.  When I was in high school, I tried to learn “One Way to Rock” and failed at everything but the lyric.  Can’t tell you how often I heard tracks from this record blaring from out of my brother’s room when I was a kid.  Plus…sexy lady on the album cover.
  • 1982 – Sammy releases “Three Lock Box.” Contains songs: “Three Lock Box,” “Remember the Heroes,” and “Your Love is Driving Me Crazy.” – Main thing I remember is seeing a live performance back in the days when MTV played music, and Sam and the band were in St. Louis.  I believe it was from this approximate era…but even if not, it still applies.  The crowd was super into it (an experience I’ve fortunately experienced live at Sammy/Halen shows many times myself) and at the end of the set, Sammy added a number, making eye contact with everyone in the band and shouting “Heroes!”  One of the first times I realized the spontaneity of a live performance.
  • 1984 – Sammy releases “VOA.” Last solo record before joining Van Halen. Boasts hit “I Can’t Drive 55” (which Sammy now frequently changes to “65” in concert—the times they have a-changed), along with a personal favorite (for no good reason) “Two Sides of Love.” – I think we all dig “55” for various reasons, and this is probably when I first started to understand who Sammy was as a little kid…I don’t know that I necessarily remember the release of this record or anything like that—I was four years old—but I do remember when he joined Van Halen, and I remember knowing, “That’s the guy who can’t drive 55 and likes red.”
  • 1985 – Sammy joins Van Halen – The news that shook the music world.  I didn’t like or dislike Van Halen as a little kid…but I loved them from the time Sammy joined.  Partially, the music was just ALL OVER THE PLACE in the late 80s, so that’s the Van Halen I grew up with…but I also maintain that Van Hagar was musically the superior version of the band.  Yeah, they lost some of the fun party aspect…but the musicianship just got amazing at that point…and now with Roth back in the band…  Well, let’s just say I think time has proven my point.
  • 1986 – Van Halen release “5150.” Features tracks: “Good Enough,” “Why Can’t this be Love?,” “Get Up,” “Dreams,” “Summer Nights,” “Best of Both Worlds,” “Love Walks In,” “5150” and “Inside.”  – I had to list the complete tracklist…that’s how good it is.  And we’re going into sub-points…
    • I guess you can say I was hooked from the “Hellooooooo Baby!” onward.  I remember that, and specifically I remember that being featured in the scene where they walk into the diner toward the end of “Spaceballs.”
    • “Dreams” is one of my favorite Van Halen songs.  Sometimes I still get chills when I hear it.
    • “Summer Nights” is still essential listening for me every summer.
    • “Best of Both Worlds,” I have a very specific love affair with. When I was a kid, I was a Baptist.  The Baptists have traditionally had a vendetta against being cool.  This was evident to me when I was sitting in Sunday School and they showed a video literally titled “Rock and Roll is the Devil’s Occult.”  It featured ridiculous misinterpretations and flat-out lies about most of my favorite music.  “Best of Both Worlds” was particularly featured, with the video claiming Sammy Hagar was a Satanist for penning the line “I want Heaven right here on Earth” and expressing that he wants to experience the best life has to offer while he can.  I remember defending the song and being told I was wrong.  I was about 9 or 10 years old.  I told the Sunday School teacher that if that’s how God wants me to live then I don’t want to live God’s way, and I walked out.  It was one of the first times I realized that sometimes the Church is full of shit.  I didn’t go back to church until I was 15.  (Probably broke my mom’s heart, by the way, since she was a Sunday School teacher there and whatnot—way to go First Baptist!)  And now that I’m actively in the Church and am even an ordained minister, part of my life-mission is to make sure kids aren’t brainwashed like that, if I have anything to say about it.
    • And the rest is good too…but let’s move on.
  • 1987 – Sammy releases “I Never Said Goodbye” (solo record, originally titled “Sammy Hagar” until renamed by an MTV contest winner). Contains tracks: “Give to Live,” “Boys’ Night Out,” and “Eagles Fly.” – “Eagles” and “Give to Live” were regularly performed by Sammy and Van Halen for a decade or so from then on.  Both of those songs were some of the first ones I learned how to properly play on guitar, up until that point having been a bass player.
  • 1988 – Van Halen releases “OU812.” Contains tracks: “Mine All Mine,” “When it’s Love,” “A.F.U. (Naturally Wired),” “Cabo Wabo,” “Feels So Good,” “Finish What Ya Started,” and “Black and Blue.” – Great record, and the first one I CLEARLY remember the release of when I was a kid.  I remember listening to some of this one on cassette tape (Yay, I’m old!) at my grandma’s house with my brother.  I had no idea how “suggestive” some of the record was…all I heard was awesome rock music.  I remember particularly liking it and to this day, I think of the record as one of the first albums both my brother and I liked at the same time for the same reasons…which kinda makes it special on a few levels.
  • 1991 – Van Halen releases “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.” Features tracks: “Poundcake,” “Spanked,” “Runaround,” “In ‘n’ Out,” “The Dream is Over,” “Right Now,” and “Top of the World.” – I understood how dirty this one was. It doesn’t take a genius to notice that if you take the first letter of each word of the album title, it spells “FUCK.” (Which, incidentally, is what Sammy initially wanted to title the record…it was going to be just plain-old “Van Halen – Fuck.”)  This one came out at a really awesome time in the 90s. The subsequent tour was the first Van Halen tour I attended.  First time I saw Sam and the boys live.  That was sort of life-changing, and I was a Van Halen junkie for a few years thereafter.  Also…  Crystal Pepsi.  Remember that?
  • 1993 – Van Halen releases the “Live: Right Here, Right Now” double disc. – I think this is the first Van Halen release I actually bought on my own.  I remember being intensely excited about it.  I think I talked my friend (and friend of the blog) Marc into buying it, in fact.  Lots of the album resonated with me in big ways, and still does.  I listened to some of it today, in fact.  I particularly remember rocking this record at my dad’s club’s annual “Holidome Weekend” event.  Went to the subsequent tour that supported the record (that’s right—a tour for a live record…because…shut up!).  Bought a t-shirt that said “Right now Van Halen is kicking ass in St. Louis.”  My mom was—to put it almost as mildly as saying the Vietnam War was a “police action”—mad about that.  But y’know what?  Against her wishes, I’ve STILL got that fucking shirt.  (Also, I use “fuck” as an adjective now too.  Sorry Mom.  And also sorry to Dad, who I’m sure caught a bunch of shit for letting me buy the shirt in the first place. In his defense, he did advise me never to show it to her.  Either way…I WON, Mom!)
  • 1995 – Van Halen releases “Balance.” Contains tracks: “The Seventh Seal,” “Can’t Stop Lovin’ You,” “Don’t Tell Me (What Love Can Do),” “Big Fat Money,” “Not Enough,” “Aftershock,” “Take Me Back (Déjà Vu),” “Feelin’.” – I don’t even know how to address this one.  Sometimes it’s really difficult for me to listen to some of this record because when I do, I’m right back in the year it came out. It came out three months after my mom died. The first time I listened to it, I’d planned to have a bunch of friends over to my house for a listening party, and only Paul Kingston showed up—and he was LATE, and not really a Van Halen fan.  A lot of the songs spoke almost specifically to a thing I was going through with a girl I went to high school with.  The tour was amazing, and they played back to back nights in St. Louis and I was there both nights.  I still feel very very connected to this record in some deeply personal ways, and I don’t really want to say any more about it.
  • 1996 – Van Halen write a couple of songs for the movie “Twister.” The riff from “Humans Being” still blasts through my guitar amp every now and again.
  • 1996 – Sammy Hagar is either kicked out of or walks out of Van Halen, depending on who you ask. – As much as I loved and connected with “Balance,” this really sucked, and I still feel like Eddie Van Halen owes me a personal apology.
  • 1997 – Sammy releases “Marching to Mars.” Contains songs: “Little White Lie,” “Who Has The Right?,” and “Amnesty Is Granted.” – I actually stand by every track on the record, but those are the highlights, including a song that’s anti-racism, a song that’s anti-death penalty (by the way, we haven’t forgotten you, Troy Davis), and a song that also bafflingly appeared on a Meatloaf record.  Sammy’s first solo effort after the split with Halen.  And it’s excellent.  I heard this and just kind of knew it’d all be okay.  This is going to sounds absurd if you’ve heard the two records…but I maintain that if Sammy hadn’t released this record, I’d have never released “Grounds.”  Even though it’s probably only obvious to me, you can trace a lot of the roots of everything I’ve done as a solo artist to Sammy Hagar’s post-Van Halen solo records.
  • 1999 – Sammy releases “Red Voodoo.” Contains “Mas Tequila,” “Shag,” “Sympathy for the Human,” “High and Dry Again,” and “Returning of the Wish.” – Somehow, after this record I drifted away from Sammy for a while.  I don’t really know why…as I’ll discuss in a second, I love the record right after this one, but somehow I missed it at the time. Still, I saw this tour and “Returning of the Wish” and “Sympathy for the Human” both still semi-regularly see playlists.
  • 2000 – Sammy releases “Ten 13.” Contains songs: “Deeper Kinda Love,” “A Little Bit More,” and others… – As I said, at the time I sort of missed this record (and I’m not even going to address his last three solo records, which have their moments but didn’t really impact me that much).  But in hindsight, this is one of the first records that was recorded with all-digital equipment that gave me some hope for the digital medium.  It has such a warm, rich sound that so few other digitally-produced records have.  Plus, the songs are more than strong.  You can definitely hear the influence of “A Little Bit More” on my solo song “Off My Feet” from my “Things I Meant to Say” record.  “Ten 13” is a really amazing record and it should really be on your shelf, if it’s not already.
  • 2003 – Short-lived Van Halen reunion, which Sammy actually had to FIGHT Eddie and Alex to get Michael Anthony into, because the Van Halen brothers are colossal dicks.  Saw the show they did in St. Louis with my brother, my Dad, and my sister-in-law.  (And my memory sucks and I can’t remember if my friend Tim was there or not, too.)  At the time, it was the first show that my dad, my brother, and myself had seen together in a long, long time, and was one of the last before we somehow bullied my dad into being a Drive-By Truckers fan, and he started going to those shows with us, too.  So that’s kind of a cool memory.
  • 2005 – Sammy and the Waboritas/Los Tres Gusanos tour in St. Louis. – This is where I more or less fell back into love with Sammy.  Excellent show.  Featured a set done with Sammy’s band (The Wabos) and then a set with his then-side project (Gusanos) featuring Michael Anthony (around this time, Sammy and Mike also started referring to themselves as “The Other Half” in reference to the Van Halen split).  There is a good likelihood that this incarnation led to the formation of Chickenfoot, as it gave Sammy and Mikey an excuse to look for reasons to work together.  Lots of fun, and significant in Sammy’s career, I think…  Also led to a live record called “Livin’ it Up! In St. Louis.”
  • 2009 – Chickenfoot releases their first, self-titled record. – The band is made up of Sammy, Michael Anthony, Chad Smith, and Joe Satriani.  Sammy’s FINALLY getting some of the acclaim he’s due again (and more so for Michael—God bless him!—Anthony).  To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed by the record, but I’m happy for Sammy and proud of him.
  • 2011 – Sammy releases his autobiography “Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock.”  I haven’t read it yet, but I keep meaning to.  I have a copy that I got for my birthday…just haven’t been in the autobiography-zone yet.  Should be fun though!  🙂
  • 2011 – Chickenfoot releases “Chickenfoot III” (because, as they put it, second albums usually suck, so they skipped it).  I haven’t listened to it yet…but after writing this, I’m very much looking forward to hearing it tomorrow.

…and that’s what Sammy Hagar means to me.  I almost feel like I should have to write this in cursive on a hand-colored “I Love My Mom Because…” style sheet and mail it to him.