Loose Ends

Just thought I should blog real quick to tie up a few loose ends…  Consider this like a mini-random post…

  1. The MDA Telethon was pretty successful.  I’m glad I was wrong in my prediction that it would be a record-drop in giving.  It out-did last year’s show by several million, raising $61.4 million+.  Way to go, America!  (And remember the thing I’m doing over at the website—lasts until the end of the month.)
  2. Blew out a tire on Sunday morning, right before church.  Took a turn to park at an awkward angle, hit the curb (possibly sewer) and blew out the tire.  A guy I’ve only met once or twice called Trey gave me a hand putting the spare on.  Nice of him.
  3. Congratulations to my dear friends Andy and Tara Black on the birth of their son Solomon!  Solomon Black.  He has to grow up to be a Soul singer.  I’m going to do whatever I can to make that happen.
  4. Kitchen’s at the “painting” stage.  Hoping to have cabinets in there very, very soon!
  5. I finally posted a new Empty Checking podcast.  (What?  Yeah!)  Worth listening to, if you like the nonsense on the blog, but would like it to be louder.
  6. With the MDA Telethon now behind us, my thoughts do drift to the other main “charity” I support.  (But I don’t like that word “charity.”  It’s more of a ministry, anyway.)  Amer-Haitian Bon Zami does great work with kids in Haiti.  I know a few people involved with the group, particularly House of Hope orphanage, where my old friend (who is young enough that it’s weird to call her “old” friend) Shara Lyn works.  Check them out at http://www.ahbz.org.  They’re worth your time.
  7. For a guy who doesn’t like kids very much, I sure do support a lot of organizations that do stuff to benefit them.  Irony…or something…not really irony…but thanks to Alanis Morrissette, we no longer know what that word means…so yeah…I’ll go with irony.
  8. Also, just a quick statement of disdain…  I’ve recently become aware of a professor at a college where I have some student-aged friends who is outright stealing his/her students’ work and putting it in his/her next book.  During the first week of classes, s/he told them s/he would be doing that by saying s/he “may use some of your papers in my next book, with MY permission.”  The college’s bylaws and student handbook are pretty clear about stating that anything a student writes for a class does become property of the college, so s/he is technically within his/her rights to do that…but as the Prophet Lemmy said, just ’cause you’ve got the power, that don’t mean you’ve got the right.  To those students who are my friends, and who suffer alongside them—stand together, or fall apart.  Don’t let your words and thoughts be stolen.  They’re all you have.  Write the college’s administrators, write the college’s board of directors and trustees.  Do not let this slide.  If you don’t stand up, no one will.  And that’s all I’ve got to say about it.  (Please note that for all due legal and ethical purposes, I will not be naming the institution or the professor in question.  If, however, you are reading this, Professor-in-Question, even though you have no proof that I am talking about you right now, the anger you feel is your conscience trying to illuminate your guilt.  Listen to it.  Especially being someone who is going to be making money off of those stolen words…wouldn’t it be more satisfying to do the work yourself?  Wouldn’t you hate it if someone copied something you wrote word-for-word and sold it as their own work?  Please consider this less condemnation and more a call to repentance.  You are sinning against these kids, against yourself, and against your god, if indeed you recognize one.  Consider who you are carefully, and act accordingly.  I want to believe that you are better than this.)

…and those are the loose ends I wanted to tie up.  Sorry that last one got a little heavy.


The Music or the Misery — 9/6/11:

  1. Centro-Matic — Candidate Waltz
  2. …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead — The Century of Self
  3. Lou Reed — Transformer
  4. The Henry Clay People — Somewhere on the Golden Coast
  5. Iron & Wine — Kiss Each Other Clean
  6. Jake Austin and the City Limits — Country Soul

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