Please Give

It seems somehow fitting that I’m writing this after the telethon has started, and some of you won’t even see it until after it has ended.  That’s okay though.  Even though the telethon is shorter this year, that doesn’t mean the need is lesser, and it kind of serves as a good object lesson that the need goes on even when the show stops.  Especially in a year when the show stops too soon.

But there are plenty of reasons to pick on the show.  There always were…  That’s not the point.  And besides, the hosts of the show are being VERY classy in paying tribute to Jerry.  Especially the weird British guy, whose name I don’t know.  We’re not here to speak ill…we’re here to speak about the kids and adults who need us.

So…why should you give to MDA?

Look…I can tell you the heart breaking/heart warming stories.  You’ve seen those, if you’ve ever watched the telethon.  They’re showing one right now, in fact.  (Oh…now it’s over…that was quick.)  I can tell you about the summer camps.  I can tell you about how much it means to the kids, how much it means to their parents…  I can tell you a lot of things.  But this is the bottom line.  Every day, people are dying from neuromuscular diseases.  A lot of them haven’t hit puberty yet, and they’re already planning for the grave.  And there’s no cure.  And that’s not right.

You have the chance to help.  If your heart doesn’t break for these people—so many of whom are children—I don’t know how to break it.  All I can do is ask.

Please consider visiting and giving whatever you can—even if it’s a nickel.  It might be the nickel that saves a life.  You’ll feel good about it.  Trust me.  (And also please remember that if you buy a CD from, I’ll donate 50% of the price to MDA, during the entire month of September.)

Thanks for your time.

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