I’ve never seen Reese Witherspoon actually with a spoon. That keeps me up at night sometimes.

Haven’t done a “random” post in a little bit, and being that it’s one of my “signature” things, I figured I’d give it a “shot” this “time.”

Let’s go…

  1. I’m starting to catch up on some of my comic book reading.  Of the roughly 50 I’ve been behind on, I probably have read about 20 this week.  X-Men’s “Schism” arc has been particularly good.
  2. Empty Checking” returns this weekend.  Well…technically, it has already semi-returned, in that I actually posted something over there…but I’ll actually be recording a podcast this weekend too!  So go check that out!
  3. I made an awesome thing to eat tonight.  It’s basically a chicken tortilla make with grilled chicken breast, a pre-made black-bean salad (from Dierbergs), Rotel, Ranch Style Beans, a little bit of cheddar, and some sliced avocado.  Kind of a Mexican Jambalaya on a tortilla.  Worked out well.  No recipe…just wishful thinking.  🙂
  4. We haven’t really done a formal announcement on it, and it’s not official yet…but I’ve been walking around with a few finished, ready to sell copies of the Two Hangmen EP.  If you see me and have $5.00, I can probably be convinced to give you one.  We’re probably going to do some sort of release party or something soon though…or at least we’ve briefly talked about the idea…sort of…so maybe it’ll happen.
  5. Haven’t mentioned it on the blog, because it’s kinda family-business…but my Grandma went in for a “procedure” (surgery) this week.  She’s doing well, and I haven’t heard of any after-effects or anything, so that’s cool.  I called her the day before the surgery and she asked me if I had a girlfriend yet…and that’s Grandma.
  6. I now officially—for the first time—own speaker stands.  That’s exactly the kind of thing I geek out about, even though it’s barely anything.  🙂
  7. Work’s basically fine, but we’re all busy.  At the same time, I think we’d all like to be busier so we could hire more people, y’know?  But in all, not bad.
  8. I haven’t bought a DVD in some time.  Just realized that.  I think that’ll probably change as some of the comic book movies I didn’t go see in the theatre start hitting.  X-Men First Class, Thor, Captain America…there’s a bunch coming out soon that I really MEANT to see.  Plus, we’re going to be getting the most recent season of How I Met Your Mother, and stuff like that soon…  I’m already starting to sweat about how expensive it’s going to get!
  9. I had some really good Chinese food out by my brother’s place last weekend, and I’m still thinking about it.  I’m usually a Kung Pao Chicken guy…but I wanted something a little different.  Went with Kung Pao Shrimp, which I’d never had before…and it was just frighteningly good.  Unfortunately, I left half of it in my brother’s fridge, so I didn’t get to finish it…and that’s probably why I still want it.  I might have to find my way there this weekend somehow.  It was really, really good shrimp.  (And I know…who cares?  But you have no idea.)

Well that’ll do it for now I guess.  See you next time, when I’ll probably rant about the MDA thing I guess…but not like I did last time.  Next time I’ll give you reasons TO give, even if the “telethon” isn’t quite what I want it to be.


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