I’m presently sitting through a self-inflicted marathon of the first season of News Radio. So there.

Well, it seems like my blog has become a weekly thing, doesn’t it?  I’m not sure if I find it disappointing that I’ve lost the discipline of daily writing or encouraging that at least I’m not spending all of my time online.  Nevertheless…let’s do the random thing.

  1. My kitchen is progressing slowly.  Still, most of the drywall is up and some of it is mudded.  That’s a big part of the project.  Install of cabinets and whatnot should go a little faster than the rest has so far.  It’ll be nice to have the thing done…whenever that happens.  As slow as it’s going, I’m very glad that Dave is doing it the RIGHT way and I think the time spent will pay off.
  2. I have a weird raw, not quite rash thingy on the back of my right middle finger.  It started out as a mosquito bite, then I wore a ring over it for some reason and after a few days the whole area was raw.  So I stopped wearing the ring and it kind of healed up…so I put the ring on again and that re-irritated it.  I wore one of those antibacterial/antibiotic band-aids over it for a little bit and I think that made it worse…so now I’m just occasionally bandaging it and occasionally pouring hydrogen-peroxide over it.  The skin’s dry and flaky, but I think it’s less red and maybe a little smaller.  We’ll see.  Hopefully I don’t somehow die from it, like someone would on House.
  3. I need to buy speaker stands.  History has proven that I need them, yet I’ve just never spent the $60.  Soon I’ll just have to, especially since I’ve been volunteering my stuff for church.  Looks kinda stupid to just set them on a table, y’know?  (And sound travels better if you put the speakers up higher.  There’s also that.)
  4. I’ve been super busy at work, and it’s wearing me out.  But who wants to talk about it?
  5. I think the only thing I hate more than hip hop music is the person who own the sound-system designed to play it.
  6. I’m thinking of starting a blog detailing the different beers I like/sample.  Not like a sad guide to being an alcoholic.  I’m not an alcoholic…I stop WAY before “drunk” at least most of the time.  I don’t drink every day.  I don’t NEED to drink.  I just like it.  There are a lot of really pleasant drinks out there that contain alcohol, and a lot of them are beers.  I sample different things frequently, and I thought it might be fun to start writing about what I like and why I like it.  But this might just be one of those ideas I never follow up on.  We’ll see.
  7. I can not express to you how amazingly close you all are to being able to purchase the Two Hangmen EP.  Watch for updates!
  8. I’ve been reading “Great House,” which I mentioned in my last post.  I usually read a little faster than this, but I’ve been very tired and unfocused lately.  I’ve only been reading chunks of it at a time.  It’s great, and I like it a lot.  I’ll write a full review sooner or later probably.  But for now, I just like it a lot.  🙂
  9. I think I have a little bit of a toothache.  Hopefully it goes away on its own after a little sleep.
  10. Doctor Who comes back a week from today!  Can’t express how much that’s going to rule!
  11. I discovered yesterday that I can not watch The Daily Show anymore.  Not because it isn’t funny or because I disagree…but because I get so mad at the crazy people they’re making fun of that I just sit there stewing and missing the jokes.  (And unfortunately, I’m beginning to think that the crazies are the majority in this country now…or even if they’re not, I’m afraid that Obama isn’t going to stand up to them and will just cave time and time again…)  The show just bums me out now…so I’m going to have to turn away, I’m afraid.  (But then again, I wasn’t a regular viewer anyway, so it’s not like they’ll miss me.)

…and that’s all that I feel like saying/writing right now.