If I were casting it, I would’ve cast John Barrowman as Captain America. He looks a lot more like him, has a bigger build, and is already a Captain.

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve written…again…so let’s catch up…

  1. Two Hangmen CDs should be assembled soon.  I know I keep saying that…but this time it’s actually true.  My productivity goes up and down, based on how much I get done when I’m actually doing something.  I’ll have a day or two in a row where I get TONS of stuff done, then three weeks of nothing.  That’s how I am, when I’m left on my own.  (Fortunately that doesn’t bleed over into the office or anything.)  We’re reaching the end of a “lazy” stage, so I should be getting something done soon.  🙂
  2. I’ve been buying lots of comic books…but I haven’t been keeping up with my reading very well.  I really must do something about that.
  3. I’ll be doing some worship-leading with my church soon.  We start weekly services next week.  I’ll miss the extra day of sleeping in…but at least I’ll have a guitar in my hands some weeks.
  4. My kitchen is progressing nicely.  All of the wiring and whatnot is ready.  We’ve got SOME drywall up.  It’s starting to take shape.  Unfortunately, it’s also revealing some problems with the TERRIBLE job that was done in my bathroom last year.  Like, I’ve got this big, heavy mirror hanging over my sink in the bathroom…and the guy who installed it screwed it into the drywall, but didn’t actually anchor it to anything.  There was no wood added, no bracing…just screws into drywall that he himself installed, so he could definitely have planned ahead.  If I ever meet the guy again, I’m kicking him in the nuts, then giving him my friend Larry’s name and Social Security Number.  (That’s kind of an inside joke.  Sorry.)  But the kitchen’s going well and Dave’s doing a great job.
  5. Work was busy last week, and it probably will be this week too.  We’re going to be down two people (some folks are on vacation) and in an office that’s already a little short-staffed because of how the business economy works these days, we’re all going to be extra busy.  Sorry in advance if I hate everybody I talk to this week as a result.
  6. Sometimes I feel like I should see the Harry Potter movies, just to be up on them and know exactly what I’m making fun of…but then I realize that I really, really don’t want to.  Problem solved.
  7. I need to do laundry tonight.  I’m out of everything.
  8. I keep drifting back to the last U2 record (“No Line on the Horizon”).  It now seems pure idiocy that it wasn’t on my top 10 list of 2009.  At that time, I guess I just hadn’t listened to it much.  I didn’t buy it right away for whatever reason. I think it came out late enough in the year that I just threw it on my Christmas list, then no one bought it for me.  I don’t think I fully absorbed it until just before the concert a couple of weeks ago.  It’s really great, and definitely should have been in the top ten, if not the top FIVE.  (I just re-looked at the top ten for that year…and whereas I stand by it for the most part, I can only point to one or two of those that have remained in my rotation—and the number one for the year isn’t even one of them (Mastodon’s “Crack the Skye,” which is great, but I just don’t find myself listening to it as much as I imagined I would at the time).  Oh well…at least I like it now.
  9. I’ve decided that if America can’t come to an agreement on the debt thingy and therefore can not pay back its loans, I’m not going to either.  Sorry, student loans.  I’d be a bad American if I did my fucking job and behaved responsibly and fairly with my money.  (And on a serious note, I am downright ASHAMED of my party right now.  THIS is why people don’t bother voting…it doesn’t seem to matter when we do.)
  10. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been spending WAY more time over at my Tumblr page.  That’s because WordPress has turned into almost nothing but errors, time-outs, and ads-in-the-margins-I-don’t-want, resulting in frustration and an unpleasant experience as both a writer and likely also as a reader.  I’m thinking of moving to Tumblr full-time and just re-blogging some of the more text-based posts over here…I’ll keep you posted.  Either way, the Tumblr page sees way more action, so you should check it more, if you don’t already.

…and that’s all I feel like writing right now.  I have some things to do that I should really get moving on before dark.  🙂