For the handful of you who have all of my music on your iPod (that is to say, none of you)

If you’ll pardon the self-indulgence, every now and again, the thought of what I would do if I were to put together a semi-definitive list of my favorites of my songs (as a solo artist) pops into my mind.  Y’know…  Like if I had to do a “best of” package or put together a touring setlist or headlining DVD recording or something…what songs would be on that?  The question came to mind earlier tonight, so I went to iTunes and looked at the list of songs on those three (because even I don’t have everything on my iPod), then over to my website for the other two (FREE) projects.  And this is what I think I would do, as of right now.  Some of it is based more on what people have told me they like, rather than strictly what I like the best…and this, of course, doesn’t mean that the songs I haven’t included aren’t worth listening to or anything like that.  This is just the list I would build if someone asked me to tonight.  So if you’ve got all my stuff on your iPod (or whatever), give this list a shot.  Tell me where you’d change it, or if I left off your favorite song, or if I should cut the ballads back a little…  Or ignore me completely.  Whatever…it’s your Internet.

(Oh…before it gets going…if it were a live set, it’d start with “Coming Storm,” but I’m pretending it’s a CD or something.)

The Best-ish of Derek Brink:

  1. Scars
  2. Remember Me
  3. Nothing Stays the Same
  4. Battle Cry
  5. Falling
  6. Simple Things
  7. Outlaw
  8. Fall Apart
  9. Being There
  10. Nobody Has It All
  11. Something More
  12. New Year’s Eve
  13. Everything
  14. In My Heart
  15. Diner
  16. God’s Gonna Shut Your Mouth
  17. Immortal
  18. Born in this Town
  19. Please
  20. Stranger
  21. Looking Back
  22. Beautiful

…and if I were to slip a Two Hangmen song or two in there, they’d be “I Go…” and “Fighting Drunk.”

So there you go!  I’ll probably be posting a U2 review next time!