RIP Würzel

It has come to my attention that former Motörhead guitarist Würzel died over the weekend.  (I really hope the umlauts are showing up for you.)

Würzel was in the band for some of their best records (No Remorse, Orgasmatron, and 1916,  being perhaps chief among them).  The first memory I have of Motörhead featured them “playing” (miming to a music track) on 80s British sitcom The Young Ones and Würzel was there—in fact, it was his first appearance with the band.  He left the band in 1995 for reasons I know nothing about…but was present for a few gigs in 2008 as a guest and, upon hearing of  Würzel’s death, Lemmy dedicated the next night’s show at the Sonisphere Festival (which is a big deal) to him.  (Which proves that somewhere behind those black, toxic veins, Lemmy has a big heart.)

Anyway…rest in peace Würzel.  Thanks for kicking ass for so long.