My soup from earlier burned my fingers and I got mad at it and threw it away without eating it, and now I wish I had soup.

Well, I suck at blogging these days.  Sorry.

I am presently suffering from that thing where you sit at a computer and write all day for work, then you come home and don’t want to write anything.  I also have several unanswered e-mails and so on that are sitting around, because of the same condition.  Plus, I’m working on a kitchen remodel that seems to be catching all of my free-time thoughts…it’s going well, but it’s on my mind, and is keeping me from being productive in some other areas—particularly in the goof-off area.  (But I can someone really be productive at goofing off?  I don’t know.  Why don’t you go ask Stephen Hawking or something, jerk?)

So anyway…sorry about that.  I suck, you don’t suck, and I’ll try to do better.  Let’s do the thing with the numbers now…

  1. Since I mentioned my kitchen, here’s a brief update…  I have no walls.  The drywall has been ripped out and it’s kinda cool.  I almost want to leave it like that.  It’s actually kind of a shame I need a kitchen, because I like the look of just a random, joyless, expressionless, stupid, wall-less room in the middle of what is otherwise a house.  🙂  Seriously though, drywall work begins on Thursday (I think) and we’re moving forward at a good clip.  I should be heading to Hood’s to get a pretty-close-to-final price on the cabinets and counter-top some time this week.  And then I’ll feel a LOT of weight lifted off my shoulders, even though it’s not even close to done.  There are a lot of variables in the cost, based solely on cabinets…so getting that settled will sew up some loose threads and give me a lot less to think about.  But it’s moving ahead at a decent pace.  Not too fast, but certainly productive.  (This is the pace I wanted with the bathroom remodel.  My friend Dave’s been great on this project…which has—interestingly enough—also included fixing some problems with the plumbing to the bathroom. Surprise, surprise.)
  2. As I am writing this post, I am drinking a glass of Paddy Irish Whiskey.  I love Paddy.  It does, however, go to my head quickly and unexpectedly…so sorry if the last point in this post is something to the effect of “hvuihs nfire8 ndsa.  WHOOOOO!!!”
  3. Everyone seems pretty pissed off at the Casey Anthony thing.  As someone who doesn’t understand why the hell it was supposed to be my business in the first place, I was pretty objective and unconcerned.  But from what little I know, it seems like all the people who are pissed off are acting completely out of an emotional response to a dead child—which is fair.  But you’ll notice that the jury didn’t do that…and, uhh…maybe that’s why they were picked to be the jury and the rest of you weren’t.  Now, I’m not saying she’s innocent (except as defined by the law of the United States of America).  I’m not saying she was a good mom.  I’m just saying that the prosecution obviously (again—OBVIOUSLY) did a piss-poor job of proving their point.  And again…I’m not sure why it’s any of our damn business in the first place.  But I guess you can all at least take comfort in knowing that her life is ruined forever because there’s no such thing as protection for the identity of the accused in this country anymore.  And also…I’d hit that.
  4. The Two Hangmen EP is being printed this week.  Release date to be announced…but we’re like 80% farther than we were at this time LAST week.  So yay!
  5. Just got my last dentist bill for the work I had done a few months ago.  Gotta pay that, then wait a few months, and get drilled on some more.
  6. Remember how I have an awesome friend in Haiti that I’m supposed to be giving money to?  Unfortunately, I’ve fallen behind in my payments.  Things have been expensive lately, but that’s no excuse.  I’m writing it on the blog out of shame, public confession, and as a reminder to myself to sent money to Haiti this week.  I’ve got a check written…now I’ve just got to buy a stamp.  (Unless of course, the House of Hope would like to set up an online payment system…which would really help me out a lot.)  🙂  Anyway…if you’re reading, sorry about that, Shara Lyn.  I’m kinda embarrassed…but I’ll make it right!  (And also, if you ever find yourself in St. Louis, I will buy you a taco.)
  7. The Empty Checking blog/podcast/whatever has been sitting dormant for some time.  That sucks.  It’s been hard-hit by the “but I don’t WANT to write!” virus that I described above.  Maybe I’ll get it going again soon.  Or maybe I’m all talk.  We’ll see.
  8. I’ve eaten at Five Guys twice in the same week…and I really want it again.  It’s mainly the fries that I find so addictive (though the burgers are good too).  Pity a burger and small fries (which are actually bigger than a large at most places) costs like $10…but it’s worth it.  I just can’t keep doing that twice a week!  🙂
  9. Work is fine, thanks for asking.  Although, we could probably use some more business…  So if you’re an insurance adjuster with too high a work load, or a weird file you are having problems with, or a salvaged item you just can’t seem to get rid of, drop me a line in the comments, and I’ll tell you how we can help…because we CAN help.  It’s what we do.  Sorry for the commercial.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled bullshit.  🙂
  10. Comic books are great…but I’m massively behind.  I need to just sit and READ for a night.  There’s lots I’m excited about, but I’ve read so little of it.  Oh well…it happens…
  11. I missed what was apparently an awesome Elvis Costello concert in St. Louis, where Eddie Vedder apparently unexpectedly showed up.  I’m so bummed out and pissed off about it that I could and WILL eat a pretzel.
  12. hvuihs nfire8 ndsa.  WHOOOOO!!!

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