I remember when I used to blog every day. I miss that.

Sorry I haven’t written all week.  Seems like it’s gone by both quickly and excruciatingly slowly at the same time.  Even that sentence seemed to take a long time.  The last couple have been pretty quick though.

Anyway…let’s do a random post WITH numbers this time.

  1. My teeth largely feel better.  I’ve got some weird sensitivity happening now and again, but it hasn’t been bad.  I should probably head back to the dentist though…but at the same time, I just sent in payment #2 of 3 for the initial round.  I got a card from the dentist’s office asking that I please call to discuss insurance costs, which probably means I’ve got a little bit left before I’m totally out…so maybe we’ll get one more filling done soon.
  2. I’m starting to work in earnest on the kitchen remodel.  Met with a friend of mine earlier today who works in that field and will be doing the bulk of the work.  I’m excited about a lot of what we’ll be doing.  It’s really going to open up the room and I think it’s going to look a lot nicer.  I just have to figure out exactly what I want to do from a design point of view.  I’ll have to pick out tile, back-splash, etc, etc…  I have a decent idea of at least what color palate I’m going to be in, though…so hopefully it’ll go pretty smoothly.  I might even get to pitch in a little bit myself and do some of the work—I at least want first strike of the hammer on the panneling that’s coming down.  (Only catch with that is that I’m pretty lazy…)  First priority is picking out a fridge, dishwasher, and stove though.  Fortunately, that stuff all looks basically the same these days, so that won’t be too hard.  There’s a lot to do, but it’s stuff I’ve been thinking about for a long time, so I’m kind of looking forward to it.
  3. I’ve mentioned the “Wayne County EP” a few times…  I’m still kinda sitting on it.  I did a bit of a remix I need to listen to.  I took a couple of weeks off from working on it after the remix, just so I can listen to it with fresh ears.  Going to give it a whirl on the ride to work tomorrow, I think.  Then I think I might want to release it one track at a time through my Tumblr page over a week or so…then put it on the website in the complete form with downloadable art and whatnot.  That might be kinda fun.  I get a lot of hits on the Tumblr page from random strangers, so it might be a good promotional tool…
  4. Two Hangmen EP hit a small snag in that I had some trouble finding the ink for my thermal printer to print on the CDs.  The place I used to buy from seems to have stopped selling the ribbons, so I had to find a new distributor.  I think I found a place, but I need to read over it again to make sure its a legitimate site.  As soon as I have the ink in, we can start selling the damn things.  (They’ll be $5, I think.)  Soon…soon…
  5. Been watching some Red Dwarf lately.  I’ve been a fan of that show for a long, long time.  They’re about to start showing new episodes in Britain on the “Dave” network.  No word on a US debut (or an US debut???  “An” seems wrong there…)  Hopefully BBC America will get their act together on that.  (I’m not sure how that all works though, since “Dave” isn’t a BBC network, technically.)  I hope the new shows are still good.  If nothing else, it’ll just be good to see those guys in the same room together again.
  6. The KFC where I live really sucks.  I’ve got to find a better one.
  7. Been catching up on “Brightest Day” (comic book thing).  It’s good…but the DC people are irritating me with their release schedule.  The arc went on for a full year, and the first two volumes are already out in hard-cover form.  The third, you would think would be hot on their heels for those of us who’re trying to catch up and read the next series…but nope.  It’s out in September.  Ugh…  Stuff like that is what makes it hard to stay current as a fanboy.
  8. Lots of music coming my way soon.  I got a bunch of stuff for my birthday, of course.  But found some more stuff I wanted and either didn’t ask for, didn’t know was out, or didn’t get.  Fortunately, I had an Amazon gift card sitting around, so I ordered some stuff.  So I’ll be getting this year’s releases by Steve Martin, Ray Davies, and Flogging Molly sometime this week.  I’m kind of excited.  🙂
  9. I’m realizing now that I didn’t post a list of the stuff I got for my birthday…so let’s do that.
    1. Pearl Jam – Vs./Vitalogy/Live at the Orpheum CD set.
    2. Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
    3. Steve Martin – The Crow
    4. Queen – A Night at the Opera (2011 Remaster)
    5. Mr. Big – What If
    6. Deadliest Catch – Season 1
    7. Sammy Hagar – “Red” (Book/Autobiography)
    8. Brightest Day – Volumes 1 & 2
    9. …and possibly something else…I think I’m forgetting something.  My apologies to whoever bought that thing.
  10. Work’s fine, I guess…still not fired or anything, so I guess it’s going good.
  11. Been playing the banjo a little and listening to banjo-based music.  I love playing the Tenor banjo that fell into my hands back in April.  It plays really well and is a lot of fun.  Part of me still wants to buy a Plectrum style though (which is bigger, basically, and is the kind my grandpa used to play).  And another part of me wants to try my hand at a five-string (aka Clawhammer) style banjo.  Maybe if I come into some money (casino?) I’ll increase my arsenal one day.  Or maybe it’s a passing fancy and I’ll just keep rocking the tenor.  🙂
  12. My cousin Cory just got engaged.  Happy for him.
  13. There should totally be a 24-hour hardware store.  Where am I supposed to get a hammer at 3 a.m. if I need it?

Yeah…I don’t know…that’s it.  I’ll try to write more this week than I did last week.  And with last week’s writing being basically “none,” the bar’s pretty low.  Might just pull it off!