Birthday Weekend

It’s the weekend of my birthday.  As you’ve no-doubt read in other years, I LOVE my birthday.  I ascribe to the Sammy Hagar philosophy that your birthday is your own personal New Year—a time of renewal, reflection, and celebration.  It bums me out when adults say that birthdays are just for kids or when people act like their birthdays don’t matter.  What must it be like to not celebrate one’s own LIFE?  To feel no renewal?  It must be very sad.

I’ve got a lot going on this weekend, partially in celebration, and partially by coincidence.  Figured it was worth sharing on the blog.


Friday began with going to work, which usually doesn’t serve up much to report since the only people interested in reading about day-to-day insurance jobs are other people who work in insurance, and even THEY get bored with it.  But my coworkers PASSED the Friendship Test I’d noted that I was performing in the previous post.  I walked in and they’d decorated my cubicle, made brownies, and all signed a card for me.  It was nice.  Well done, ICS.  🙂

Then last night was the Vincentennial—Vincent Price’s 100th birthday.  My brother and I watched a (really BAD) documentary about Price and then watched his classic Muppet Show appearance.  I am deeply disappointed in both AMC and TCM for letting this event go by unrecognized.  For shame.

Although the Vincentennial is not directly related to my birthday, it’s still pretty cool to share a star sign with one of my home-town heroes.  I don’t even mind Vincent getting the lion’s share of the attention this year.  🙂

Also last night, Dave and I made a trip to Friar Tuck’s in O’Fallon.  It’s basically a beer/liquor/wine superstore.  A little more pricey than I’d like…but often worth it.  I picked up some Stone Pale Ale and some O’Dell’s Red Ale, both of which I am very excited to try. (Especially the Red Ale, as I’ve never had an O’Dell product that has been a disappointment.  O’Dell makes AMAZING beers, even boasting my favorite American beer–their seasonal Isolation Ale.)  But the real story here is that I found my favorite whiskey sitting on their shelves—like a birthday gift from God (and Ireland)—and a litre bottle of Paddy Old Irish Whiskey came home with me.  I’ve only had one small sip of it so far, but it is worth every penny (about $32 worth of pennies, in case you’re curious).  Click here to see the pic of the discovery and read about it on my Tumblr page.

So Friday was cool.


Today has thusfar been fairly lazy.  I slept in (not an unusual occurrence for a Saturday).  I am presently watching a Doctor Who marathon on BBC America (which is also not that unusual for a Saturday, now that I think of it).  But tonight should be fun.

Tying in with my love of Deadliest Catch, I’m heading out to Gulf Shores (a restaurant) with my family and we’re eating fish and whatnot.  I’ll be having the crab.  (And hopefully some calamari!)  There will be giving of gifts as well.

Which raises a point.  I said above that I love my birthday—and I do.  But you know how restaurants have those birthday songs?  The staff gathers around the table and sings something loud and intrusive to the other diners, makes the birthday boy/girl wear something stupid and then eat cake they didn’t want?  That thing?  I HATE that.  I don’t like the attention, I don’t like the embarrassment, and I don’t like the damn cake.  I have asked my father to explain to the waiter/tress that if there is any song or embarrassing outfit of crustaceous ridicule, we will be leaving immediately without paying.  I can’t stand that crap.  As much as I love my birthday, I’m still a naturally shy person (no, seriously) and I don’t like unwanted/unrequested attention.

…so barring any ridiculous songs and/or belts made of crawfish, tonight will be fun.  (Hoping to cap it off with a Stone Pale Ale and an O’Dell Red!)


Sunday (my actual birthday) is also the day before Memorial Day (in the States).  There is a picnic that ALWAYS takes place at my Dad’s club that day.  Every year.  So I’ll be at that, drinking something that hopefully isn’t a Budweiser product.  (Hoping to pick up some Guinness on my way there.)  It’s usually a good barbecue with good music—as long as no one insists on killing the music while a baseball game is on and thus completely kills the party atmosphere, as has happened in the not-too-distant past.  It’ll be pretty much an all-day thing, so that’ll be how I officially ring in 31.


I’ll be sleeping in again on Monday (I’m looking forward to that!) and then I’ll be heading to a barbecue that my friend Mike (from the Michael Feldman Group—he’s the Michael) is throwing for his musician friends.  So that’ll be fun too.

Busy holiday, busy birthday!

Hope you’re all having fun this weekend too.  Enjoy the day off, unless you’re one of the suckers who has to work—in which case you should at least be getting holiday pay, so that’s still pretty cool.


Current Listening:

Been switching back and forth between Aimee Mann and Frank Zappa.  I can’t explain that.

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