Up to Speed…

Hi.  Sorry I haven’t written anything here since—yikes!—Sunday.  Been kinda busy and distracted, and also the Tumblr page format allows me to post stupid stuff quickly, so I’ve been spending time there.  (It’s been buzzing lately.  Go take a look if you haven’t.)  So…let’s do a random post and get up to speed.

  1. So…the Rapture didn’t happen…but the days following were fucking FILLED with tornadoes!  My deepest sympathies to the people affected, particularly in Joplin, MO.  I’ve been to Joplin a few times, and hearing/seeing that about 75% of the town is just GONE is humbling and terrifying.  My heart goes out to them.
  2. On a similar note, we came close to a tornado at my office this week too.  Yesterday afternoon some serious storms blew through St. Louis.  As much as I think the news media is now intentionally over-reacting to storms in order to generate ratings, the storms were pretty scary.  We had HUGE hail that sounded like someone was dumping buckets of baseballs on our roof.  At one point the office manager ran through the building telling everyone that a funnel cloud had been spotted nearby…but of course by the time she got to us, it would’ve passed over anyway…so whatever…  It got kinda dicey, even though nothing serious happened.  It was worth taking seriously, even in the Town that Cried Tornado.
  3. My birthday is on Sunday.  I’m performing a friendship test on the people I work with to see if anyone mentions it tomorrow.  Results pending.
  4. Also coming up (but on Friday, the 27th) is the 100th birthday of Vincent Price.  I love Vincent Price, and I’m almost more excited about his birthday than my own this year.  How will I celebrate?  Dr. Phibes?  Haunted Hill?  A marathon of the worst Poe adaptations he did?  Scissorhands?  Lots of choices.  If I don’t talk to you before then, I hope you have an awesome and spooooooooooky Vincentennial!
  5. Two Hangmen coming soon.  We’re about to release the EP…but here’s the thing.  I think we already know what 80% or so of the first FULL LENGTH will be at this time next year.  So stay tuned!  (No release date for the EP yet.  Got ink on order for my CD printer…so when that gets here, we’ll move faster and let you know when the thing’s finally OUT.)
  6. I bought some Little Caesar’s yesterday.  Haven’t had that in a while.  I think I remember why…  It tastes fine…but I presently have heartburn and while I was eating it I felt something rock-hard in-between my teeth that may have actually been PART of my teeth.  Talk about a chewy hard to swallow pizza.  (Seriously, I have a tooth on one side that’s basically in pieces that’s not saveable, and I think the pizza crust might’ve torn a large piece of it off.  Doesn’t REALLY hurt, but I think that happened…even if it did, I think I’ve got enough tooth-nerve death over there that I wouldn’t feel it.  Pulled out a chunk of something white and rock-like.  Could be tooth.  Could be rock.  Either way, it wasn’t pleasant.)
  7. So I found out that the Doctor Who people make a Sonic Screwdriver that actually functions as a real screwdriver.  That’s the kind of thing that it just seems like someone looked into the File of Shit I Didn’t Know I Needed and said, “Here you go!”
  8. Also, “Sonic Screwdriver” would make a great name for a mixed drink.  I think it’s got to be made like a regular Screwdriver, but with blue raspberry juice instead of orange juice.  Someone make that, drink it, and tell me how it goes.
  9. I’m thinking seriously about the kitchen remodel.  I’ve got some crazy-assed plans that I don’t know if they’ll work.  I’m having some trouble arranging a meetup with the guy I hope will be doing the project, but hopefully it’ll happen soon.
  10. I’m also beginning to think about some things I might want to do in my basement.  I’ve got one room that was a more-or-less “junk room” for a long while, but that actually has a bar in it. Why did I let this room sit so long without stocking the bar?  Unknown.  Must’ve been laziness.  But here’s the thing…the room took some damage after some flooding that happened in the basement.  (Long story short—old air conditioner.)  Needs some new flooring…maybe some drywall.  But just bare-minimum stuff to get it functional.  I think I know what kind of flooring I’d want to put in, and drywall’s easy if I end up needing to do that kind of thing myself.  Then a splash of paint, and it’s good.  But, let’s focus on the kitchen first…and by first, I mean “this year” and the basement might be a project for NEXT year.  🙂  (But I would like to rent a dumpster and at least clean out some of the crap down there sooner than later.)
  11. Oh…and work’s fine, even though we could use more of it.

Well…that’ll do it.  With the 31st birthday on the horizon, I’m looking forward to a new year.  30 wasn’t that fun.  Lots of stupid crap happened…so I’m hoping my new year will be a good one.  And if nothing else, I’ve decided that as much as it depends on me, it’ll be a productive one.  Wish me luck!  (Hopefully I’ll blog at least once more before then though!)