Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you’re not raptured…

Okay…well…  I set this to post in advance, and I’m writing/publishing it on Friday at 7:30 pm.  If you’re reading this, then it auto-published and appeared, and presumably the Rapture either didn’t happen…or it did and somehow the Internet still works, and you didn’t go to Heaven.  Super sorry to hear that.

I’m having some fun with the concept and I’m posting this with the set-in-advance time as a joke, of course.  I’m not convinced that some old guy who has abandoned the church for his own teaching actually had the ability to predict the day, much less HOUR of the Rapture.  I’m not even 100% sure that the Rapture is a literal event.  (That’s not a statement about my faith—still believe in Jesus and whatnot…but I’ve done so much reading and study that I’m just not sure the Bible is 100% literal or interpretable on that one.)  But all the hub-bub did make me think…

If I knew the rapture was coming, what would I do?  Well…apart from listening to the playlist I posted on my Tumblr page, I would probably spend time with my family.  Tell some people I love them.  Sing a religious song or two.  Pray a little—or a lot, depending on how I lived my life that week.  I might play a guitar or two.  I’d probably have one really awesome last meal.  Post a Rapture joke or two on Facebook.  Stuff like that.

…but I don’t think I’d worry.  I don’t think I’d focus on my regrets (if any).  I don’t think I’d doubt.

That’s sort of what Jesus is for in the first place, isn’t He?  Seems like it’s only a bad day for it if you don’t know Him.

Sorry to get kinda heavy on you there in a post that started as a joke.  But seriously…if we were all raptured a little bit ago, I’m cool with that.  I’ll be cool with that if it happens 40 years from now, or way after my lifetime…or if it’s NOT literal and doesn’t happen at all…or whatever…  Mostly I just hope I’ll see you on the other side, unless you’re Hitler or somebody.

Anyway…hope it was fun.  If it didn’t happen, I’m at a gig with the Michael Feldman Group down on Main Street St. Charles at Rumples.  Come on down and celebrate the fact that you didn’t go to Hell today!  🙂


Oh…and rest in peace to Macho Man Randy Savage, who had a heart attack while driving and crashed his car.  I always went back and forth on if I liked the Macho Man…but he was always in the middle of something interesting, something fun, and often something ridiculous.  I think it’s only fitting to leave it with this… 

Heaven: Snap into it! Ooooooo YEEEEEEAH!!!!