(I’m pretty sure housekeeping is one word, right?)

I’m doing some cleaning up around the Internet.  Getting my house in order, as it were.  (Told you I’d go mad with power.)

You are likely to have already noticed the links to the right that take you to other sites with my name on them.  My Blogger (Empty Checking) and Tumblr (Out from the Blog) pages are linked now, in big bold images for your ease of clicking.  I’ll be updating some of the “pages” up top in a little bit too…but I’ve got to figure out exactly what I want to do with them.

I’m hoping to use the Tumblr page close to daily, even if it’s just a quick re-blog from someone else’s page.  It’s fun.  And I’m getting more frequent in my writing for Empty Checking…and I’ll soon be podcasting again.  I’ve just needed to take some time away from that and writing at one in the morning makes more sense than podcasting for some reason.

And I’m working elsewhere too.

I’m prepping for some changes.  It’s been massively outdated, not even reflecting the release of “Out from the Light” in some areas.  Now I’ve got a new band (Two Hangmen) and I’m a couple of projects down the road…so the site needs to be updated.  I’m keeping the same basic look.  I like the maroon and the basic layout…but I just need to add some new content.  I’m thinking of the website as my music promotional space on the Internet, and as something of an archival reference point.  Almost like the Derek Brink Wiki or something.  With the Internet changing how it has in the past few years, websites are still important, but they’re not as important as your blogs, micro-blogs (but seriously…screw Twitter), social-networks, etc.  So even though I sometimes feel bad about not updating more often…I don’t feel THAT bad since I’m so active everywhere else.

Speaking of websites…  I’m in the midst of building a website for Two Hangmen.  It’s going decently…but I’ve been slower at it than I’d like.  It’s a time-consuming process and I’m just moving slowly.  I’m trying some different techniques and learning as I go.  I want it to look different from my own website and also how the old Blue Tattoo site looked.  And that’s resulting in a lot of trial and a lot of failure.  It’ll come together.  Once I actually know what I’m doing, it’ll happen a lot faster.

I keep forgetting to update the Hangmen blog.  Oops.  I’ll get better at that…fortunately, no one knows that we exist yet, really, so it’s not like we’re losing anybody.  Once our plans for World Domination are in full swing, it’ll be updated more often.

…and of course I’m doing my thing here, too.

So, my house is being put in order.  Online anyway.  Now…if I can just figure out how to do the kitchen remodel in the actual house…  😉