Back to Business…

Okay.  I’m done being pissed off about the pictures now that I’ve got the new photo-blog over at Tumblr.  So let’s do a random post to get the mood back on track around here.

  1. Re: Tumblr — Wow.  I love their interface!  Everything’s super-easy there, their picture-size limits are great, and the customization they allow is amazing.  I’m not going to move over there full-time or anything.  I still like the way WordPress is set up for text and whatnot…  But if I’d have known about Tumblr back when I started blogging, I’d have probably set up shop there from the start.  (Well…there or Typepad…but you’ve got to pay for Typepad…)
  2. Today was the birthday party for my niece and nephew (twins–Melody and Patterson, respectively).  They officially turn one year old on Tuesday.  So happy birthday to the two of them, in case I don’t blog again before then.
  3. Been LOVING the new season of Doctor Who.  Neil Gaiman wrote the last one.  (You might know Neil Gaiman’s work from comics like The Sandman and his work on the Batman arc “What Ever Happened to the Caped Crusader?”  Or from his books like “Good Omens” and “American Gods.”  Or from his film work on titles like “Coraline” and freaking “Beowulf.”)  It was super-weird, but in a good way.  At first I didn’t think I liked it, but then I grew to love it by the ending.  And with the transition into Stephen Moffat being the full-time director/producer/whatever, the show’s gotten a LOT darker, moodier, and creepier.  It’s great.  I plan on going into greater detail about all that over on Empty Checking, as soon as Blogger lets me back in again.  (Maintenance has kept me from writing over there…I think it may actually be working again now, but I haven’t had the time to sit and write since I started trying last week.)
  4. Another thing I want to talk about in detail on Empty Checking is the Captains Tour.  As I noted in other posts here, I went with my Dad and saw Captains Sig Hansen and Andy & Johnathan Hillstrand from Deadliest Catch sit and talk about their show, jobs, and lives on Tuesday night at the Touhill in St. Louis.  It was a lot of fun, and those guys are really funny on stage.  Captain Johnathan seemed to have a pretty bad cold that night.  I think he was getting delirious by the end of the show.  (At one point he took some cold-medicine on stage, so it may have kicked in as the night went on.)  He clearly stopped caring about the questions he was being asked and decided he was going to tell whatever story he wanted to tell, no matter if anyone knew what he was talking about or not.  It was pretty funny.  And Captain Andy sang a couple of songs—one of which he wrote for Captain Phil Harris, who died last year.  It was a good evening and a good show.
  5. In preparing for the twins’ birthday, I went to a Babies R Us to pick up a gift card.  Normally I’d shoot for an actual gift for a kid…but this was difficult.  I’m not sure what to buy for the twins.  There’s a lot of stuff that was/is Tessa’s that’s still sitting around that they all play with, so I’m not sure what is wanted/needed there…and I’m not good at buying little-kid clothes.  Plus, they’re little and I haven’t quite figured out what they’re all about yet.  I’ve kinda got Tessa worked out, but the twins are still a little bit of a mystery to me.  So I went with a gift card.  I was in there for a decent amount of time looking through the cards.  (They do very little to market to twins, by the way.  SHAME on you Babies R Us.)  Then I waited in a long line and made the purchase.  I went out to the car and drove home.  When I walked through the door, I realized something that I really wish I had known before I went in and spent 20 minutes around the little kids and their parents…my zipper was down the whole time.  Oops.  That’s like…exactly the kind of thing they arrest people who look like me for these days.  Oh well…no one mentioned it.  Good thing I wear long shirts, I guess.
  6. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a part of a small-ish “house church” and we meet on Saturdays.  Well, thankfully, the guy who leads it will soon be changing some of his work hours and we’re now able to meet during a weeknight instead of smack-dab in the middle of the weekend.  The night we chose was Wednesdays (Starting June 1).  At the time I said, “That sounds great, I’m absolutely on board with that.”  Then tonight I remembered that Wednesdays are new comic-book days.  Uh-oh!  I think I’ll still have time to make it by the Fantasy Shop before church…but pressure’s on to get out of work on time on Wednesdays from now on!
  7. Speaking of work…I’ve been super-busy lately.  Hopefully it’s paying off for the company.
  8. Soon to start a remodel on my kitchen at the house.  Kind of looking forward to this one, unlike the bathroom remodel.  I have a lot more in mind of what I want to do with the kitchen, so this will probably be kinda fun.  Hopefully you won’t get any filled-with-curse-words posts from me on this one.  🙂
  9. My birthday’s coming up on May 29.  It’s Sunday.  The day before Memorial Day.  So you can all thank me for the day off the next day.  🙂
  10. So Queen’s finally getting on board with the concept of remastering CDs and is re-releasing their entire catalogue, starting with the first five CDs on May 17.  That’s pretty cool…but why are we only NOW getting good Queen remasters, when CDs are on their way OUT?  Seems almost too-little-too-late in some ways…but I’ll be picking them up, of course.  (They’re on my birthday list for now…but I’m not necessarily expecting to get all five, so I’m sure I’ll be doing some of my own spending.)  Seriously, it’s pretty cool to see Queen’s music getting the proper treatment.  Freddie Mercury had the best voice in rock and roll—and it’s STILL unequaled, even though I don’t listen to Queen anywhere near as much as I used to.  I have some very specific, very fond memories of Queen, and I’m glad to see their catalogue finally getting the (metaphorical) third-coat of paint that it deserves.
  11. And let’s do some quick music loose-end-tying-up:
    1. Two Hangmen EP — Almost done.  Seriously…we’re very close.  It’s pretty much down to ordering some ink for printing up the CDs themselves, then printing the covers.  And we need to finalize the design on the liner notes, which hopefully will happen this weekend.
    2. Wayne County — Also almost done.  I’m toying around with when I want to release it though.  I may wait until after the Hangmen EP is out for a little bit, just so I don’t take any of the spotlight away from that.  But we’ll see.  Pretty much when I’m bored enough to post it, I’ll post it.  🙂  (Hmm…or Tumblr has a good interface for posting music too…maybe I’ll put up a sample there or something…)
    3. Someone e-mailed me through the website about the New Year’s Eve project that I posted there.  They said they liked it, but they wish I’d have put up the MP3s in a better bit-rate.  (For those that don’t know what that means, a lower bit-rate basically adds some digital “noise” in there that might not be noticed by the average listener, but will be by people who give a crap.)  I was confused by that because I thought I’d set it to a variable bit-rate that would allow for a cleaner sound…but I checked, and the MP3s on the website are only 128kbps—which is standard, but standard sucks and I meant to do WAY better than that.  I think it happened in the upload to the host.  I think I failed to check a box of some kind and it converted it to a smaller size or something.  But the short version is that I’ve been giving you all sub-par MP3s.  I’m surprised it took someone this long to comment on it.  I’m planning on fixing that very soon, and I’ll let you know when the upgrade’s complete.  Sorry to all of you who’ve been listening to a lesser-quality mix.  I don’t really know how that happened, but it’s not up to the standard I try to keep and I’ll fix it.  Just wanted to let everyone know I’m aware of it and working on it.  (So big year!  You’re getting Queen remasters and Derek Brink remasters!)

…and that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading that nonsense.

Photo Blog

Since WordPress does not seem to have the capacity to allow me to post photos anymore, I’ve now officially started a photo-blog at Tumblr.  It’s going to just be pictures, with captions (usually).  Sometimes they’ll be pictures of me.  Sometimes it’ll be promotional stuff.  Sometimes it’ll be photos I took.  Sometimes it’ll be absurd stuff I found on the Interwebs and wanted to share (and I’ll source that stuff whenever possible).  But basically, the only thing WordPress is good for is text…and my pictures have to go SOMEWHERE.  So click on over and check out 20-ish pics from the two Hangmen photo session last month.  Enjoy!

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