You people are making me look Conservative, and that is NOT a good look for me!

(Contains some strong language, but validly so, I think…)

Sorry, but I’ve got to say something about it.  I know the blog’s been a little heavy lately, and I promise to post something inane soon…  But if you’ve missed it there’s a growing movement (mostly on Facebook) of people (mostly college students) who are Christians feeling the need to constantly remind us all that Osama bin Laden went to Hell, as though that’s a bad thing.

(Source un-remembered, sorry.)

Seriously.  Here’s some of the Facebullshit I’ve been reading this week:

How would Jesus react to the news of Osama bin Laden’s death?

People constantly quoting Martin Luther King’s “hate can’t drive out hate” speech. (Often incorrectly.)

so as christians why should we be happy about one more soul being damned to hell for eternity?

All this celebrating is making me sick…

I wonder what Osama Bin Laden thought when he faced Jesus?

Can’t believe so many Christians are happy about Osama’s death, another person in hell doesn’t sound like a reason to celebrate.

[Friend’s name deleted] Finds it sad to see Christians praising and celebrating the death of a man who in all likelihood is going to hell

So…what the fuck?  We’re supposed to be sad about it?

If Osama bin Laden went to Hell, it’s because he CHOSE Hell.  He was not just somebody’s otherwise-nice-guy uncle or grandpa who lived a good life, but just never found Jesus.  He HATED Jesus.  He HATED Christians.  He drove others to martyrdom in his quest for personal gain and his crusade against what he thought was a Christian nation.

…oh yeah…and he murdered thousands of people.

Osama bin Laden is the kind of person for whom Hell was built.  If we forgive Osama bin Laden, where does it end?  Are we also to be sad for Hitler?  For Mussolini?  For Satan?  (After all, Satan personally KNEW Jesus and spoke directly with Yahweh, yet still was cast into the pit.)  Where does Hippie Jesus end and the God who rained down ten plagues upon Egypt begin?

I understand that it is my obligation as a Christian to offer the gospel freely to all people.  I’m for that.  I don’t blindly hate.  And honestly, I would probably have preferred to have bin Laden thrown in a solitary cell somewhere for the rest of his life (and would his death at an old age from natural causes make him any less condemned?).  But there comes a time where someone so hardens their hearts that even God himself stops trying to convert them (again, I’m citing Egypt—happened to Pharoah, and you’ve got to deal with that if you’re going to quote the Bible to me to tell me how to feel about this issue).  I think Osama reached that point.  I think when you commit mass-murder and then talk about it like you’re hot shit and everyone should go and do likewise because Allah told you so, God/Allah can no longer help you.  (No disrespect intended to people who prefer to refer to God by the name Allah.)

Now…am I happy that Hell exists and people go there?  Nope.  But I am glad that Osama bin Laden can no longer hurt anyone, can no longer tell his batshit crazy followers to fly into buildings, and can no longer drive people away from Christ.  And Hell DOES exist.  People DO go there…and—I’m so, so sorry—some of them deserve it.

Let us not forget—and this is key—if Osama bin Laden is in Hell, it’s because GOD put him there after the horrible life he led and the beliefs to which he held.  Therefore asking me to pity him is asking me to do something that God Himself could and did not do.  You are asking me to say that God is wrong.  And I can’t do that.

I’m sorry if that makes me a bad Christian.

Now please stop talking about him like he was an otherwise good guy who just made a mistake.  He wasn’t.  You demean the lives of those he murdered, their surviving families, and possibly even God’s own judgement every time you do that.  (Though I am not prepared to be dogmatic on that last part.)

There.  I said it.