Sorry about the political thing that starts out this post…but parts of it get funny later.

Got a few things on my we’re going to do a Random post.

  1. Well, in case you haven’t heard, President Obama has now released his full birth certificate.  (And surprise, surprise, he’s an American!)  I have a few points on this, because up until now I’ve been trying to be polite in not weighing in…but following the response of the handful of tea (or is it KoolAid?) drinking idiots who caused this mess in the first place, I feel like I’ve finally got to say something…sorry for the rant…
    1. This is unprecedented in American politics.  The people who kept asking him to prove his citizenship should not only be embarrassed, but ASHAMED.  They didn’t have a leg to stand on to begin with, but now that even their prosthetics have been stripped from them, there is no contrite retraction, there is no polite admission of defeat, there is no declaration of “well at least he DID it.”  Instead there are people saying, “…it only proves that he’s a BAD American *faaaaaart*” and then criticizing him for referring to this whole thing as “silliness.”  Which actually seems a fairly polite word for it.  Others that come to mind are “bullshit” and “white-bread racism.”  But Obama took the high road…and though I’ve been trying to do the same in the past few years (sometimes failing), I find it hard to do on this one.
    2. This is an issue that when it’s come up has made me very, very angry.  The fact that America has come to this is disgusting.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that we live in a country in which we can hold our leaders accountable—that’s great.  But when we can made blind, ignorant, and (yes) racist accusations and then continue to do so even when proven wrong, just because we now have the ability to hide behind the fear caused by 9/11 is deeply disturbing.  As long as we drape our comments in the 9/11 banner, we can make any accusation we want, up to and including “The President’s a terrorist!” (which is, let’s face it, what they were saying without saying it).  I have more than once found myself reading posts on Facebook with my hands shaking in anger, writing paragraphs of ranting that I have then deleted because I refuse to be as shitty a person as those who hurl these accusations in the first place.  And that’s not a country or a world I want to live in.  I guess change starts at home…but I’m starting to feel homeless, despite the fact that my preferred political party is in the White House.
    3. I also don’t like that when we who call it as we see it muster the balls to refer to this as racism, pure and simple, we get accused of “playing the race card” and are dismissed.  First off, I’m a white, middle-class, male.  I don’t have a race card to play.  But beyond that.  What the hell IS this if not racism?  Obama was nothing but clear about his parentage from moment one.  When pressed, he provided a legal document of the kind that the federal government accepts as valid for such things as obtaining a social security number, obtaining a passport, joining the military, etc etc…  Then he is still subjected to accusations of being a foreign devil (just like that bastard Brit Washington!)…and why?  Because of the nature of his birth and the color of his skin.  That is racism.  If you have participated in those actions, you have behaved as a racist behaves.  And you have to deal with that.  (Note: That doesn’t necessarily mean that you ARE a racist…you may have just made a mistake.  It’s up to you to define who you are as a person.)
    4. I’m done on that subject now.  Again sorry for the ranting.  At least now all we have to deal with are the idiots who will go to their grave saying the certificate is photoshopped or forged…but then again, I also thought people would realize that Glenn Beck’s an idiot and Rush Limbaugh is a terrible human being by now.  So what do I know?  🙂
  2. I officially have a cold.  I’m beginning to sound like Tom Waits.  Don’t get me wrong…fundamentally that’s kind of awesome…but I feel like hell.  And thanks to some poor financial planning, I presently do not have the money for luxury items like medication.  (Come to think of it, even when I plan ahead and save I often don’t have that kind of money…)
  3. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it yet…  But the Two Hangmen EP is done.  All we need to do is finish up the art on it (we discussed it on Tuesday and I’m going to have something semi-close to done by the weekend), make a bunch of copies, and start handing it out…or selling it…or whatever.  We’re also working on websites/Facebook pages/etc.  Should have plenty to report soon.
  4. I’ve been trying to put together a slide-show of some pics from the recent Two Hangmen photo-session, but I can’t get it to work right.  I’ll either post that or SOMETHING soon.  There’s a lot of stuff I want you all to see!
  5. Okay…  Time for a little cat-letting-out-of-bag…of…  (What?)  I’ve been working for a few weeks on recording some stuff for release through  It started out as just an excuse to play around with my new (vintage) banjo, but exploded into a full-blown, seven-song folk EP.  Can’t quite justify selling it…but I’ll soon be posting it for download on the website.  I’m calling it “Wayne County” and I’m pretty excited about it.  It contains new and re-worked material, as well as one or two that might show up on/in future projects.  I’ll let you know when it goes “live.”  Right now, I’m just excited about it and wanted to mention it.  🙂  Here’s the track list (and a couple of small notes)…
    1. “Scars” — Original version appears on “Things I Meant to Say.” This is a new version, played on entirely acoustic instruments, with a new arrangement.
    2. “Born in this Town” — Original version appears on “Out from the Light.”  This is a new version with a lot of similarities, but it’s significantly scaled down and different enough to make it cool.
    3. “God’s Gonna Shut Your Mouth” — New, previously unreleased song.  Directed toward Fred Phelps and the Focus on the Family people (who are different groups but preach the same nonsense), and dedicated to the people whose lives they’ve ruined.
    4. “Outlaw” (Instrumental) — New, previously unreleased.
    5. “All My Ghosts” — New, previously unreleased.  And possibly one of the most intense lyrics I’ve ever written.
    6. “Nobody Has It All” — New, previously unreleased.
    7. “Just Another Day” — Previously played by Blue Tattoo, but unreleased (officially…so far).  Probably going to be done in Two Hangmen, but with a different arrangement.  Just kinda fit the project
  6. I found my Dentist’s bill.  It was stuck in with some other mail I hadn’t gotten rid of yet and I’d missed it.  So I called and made a payment that was a little bit higher than I was hoping it’d be.  (Hence the lack of funds for Sudafed.)  Just two more payments and these babies are mine!
  7. I just wanted to post a quick word about the Ferguson Church as they’re working to recover from their extensive tornado damage.  If you’re interested in helping them out financially or physically, please visit their website.  (I plan on donating a few bucks when I get my next paycheck.)  I mentioned in a previous post that there was some “unpleasantness” regarding my exit a few years ago.  And I just want to say that I don’t really feel any of that anymore.  I’m not sure I clearly communicated that last time.  Don’t get me wrong…I still don’t like what happened there.  And I didn’t like that my response at the time was a little bit out-bursty (although I still maintain justified).  It’s not the kind of thing where I could walk back in this week and become a member again…but I have long-since put any anger I felt to bed.  There was fault on all sides, including my own (and I don’t think I’ve ever claimed otherwise) and what happened happened.  But things like this put that all into perspective, and I just want to clearly say that before last Friday, I’d put probably 98% of my demons to bed regarding the whole thing, and after the tornado, I think I’m at 100% at peace with it now.  As I said in the days immediately following my departure, I continue to believe that we’re all basically good people…and good people need to help each other out in times like these.  Life’s too short and too fragile to hold on to that kind of thing.  Please do consider at least visiting their website and seeing what they’re about…then if you’re lead to, please consider throwing them $5 or so.  Every dollar helps and whatnot…
  8. I will be updating the Empty Checking page with some new reviews tomorrow, I think.
  9. They closed the bridge on Delmar for repairs.  Apparently it is in such a state that it needed to be done…which is fine.  But they did it with no warning.  I take (took) that to work every day, and I drove up to it on Monday morning only to find that I had to get back on the highway and find an alternate route.  That’s easy enough to do…but when you’re going to close access to a major road (which contains many struggling small businesses, ahem), maybe put a sign on the highway before people get to the off-ramp.
  10. I’ve been experiencing some trouble lately with some people interrupting me while I’m speaking (in mid-sentence).  I don’t want to go into detail…but I do want to say that I find that incredibly insulting and rude.  Even if you do know what I’m going to say (and I think if I’ve proven anything over time it’s that you NEVER know what I’m going to say!), it’s still just basic courtesy to let me say it before you start talking back.  So…don’t do that to people, okay?
  11. The tires on my car suck.  They’ve become unsafe to drive on in the rain.  If called upon to go forward or backward, they are basically reliable.  If called upon to make a turn, they are slightly dangerous.  If called upon to follow the slight curve of a highway, they are EXTREMELY dangerous!  That’s a recent development (like this week).  So I’ll have to do something about that very soon.  It rains a lot here.

And that’s all for now.  Sorry if this post’s a little moody.  I get pissy when I’m not feeling well.


Comic Books Purchased 4/27/11:

  • Morning Glories – Issue # 9
  • Justice League: Generation Lost – Issue #24
  • Captain America – Issue #617
  • The Flash – Issue #11
  • FF – Issue #2