Let it Rain…Let it Rain…Let your love…uh-oh…sirens…

Just a quick post, in case anyone cares, to say that following the storms in the St. Louis Metro area, I and from what I can tell everyone I know is fine.  There is extensive damage throughout the area.  The airport is closed.  One of my dad’s girlfriend’s neighbors had their house absolutely destroyed.  The church where I used to work was hit pretty much dead-on with a tornado and the roof was ripped off (the sanctuary is obviously in bad shape as a result).  But I think everyone is okay.

Just a slight note about the church…it’s no secret that there was some unpleasantness revolving around my departure from there a few years ago.  I’m not going to pretend that if I were to walk in there today I wouldn’t have the same personality issues with the same people I did all that time ago or anything like that.  But seeing the sanctuary like that was pretty gutting, and my heart goes out to them.  Hope they have a speedy recovery from that and can rebuild with no major hang-ups.  I spent a lot of time there and poured as much of myself as I could into the job and the people while I was there, and—believe it or not—I always felt like I left a big piece of myself there when I left, even if it wasn’t under the best of circumstances.  I thank God no one was hurt, and I pray that this somehow turns around to help them build a stronger church and a stronger faith.  And also a stronger roof.  (I can’t decide if that was in poor taste or not…so I’ll leave it, but I’ll also add, “Sorry, I meant well.”)  🙂

Anyway…we’re all okay, and I hope you all are too.  Hoping the weather takes a turn for the better over the next couple of days instead of the “further storms possible” thing they’re saying now.

I’ll write a better post soon.  Just wanted to throw all that out there while it’s still hot-topical.  🙂


Current Watching:

  • Doctor Who Marathon…very excited for tomorrow’s new episode!!!

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