In which I steal photos—but give credit…

Following are some photos from,, and a couple taken by my friend Jim from Ferguson Christian Church’s Facebook page.  You’ll notice that stltoday’s images were done by me taking screenshots of the pages where they want you to BUY the pictures (in frames, no less).  Thought I’d leave that on the pic, since it’s so classless and speaks volumes about the company.  (If they want to send me a cease and desist on that, I’ll be glad to do both and remove the images…)  KMOV is nice enough to let people copy and paste the low-grade pics…and to my knowledge, Jim owns no personal work-in-progress copyright…but if he does, he can send me a letter too.  (But he’s a nice guy, who I like,  and not a faceless corporation.)  🙂

Anyhoo…  This is the church I used to work at.  Also pictured are Larry Doggett and Joni Bellinger, who are wonderful people.  (I’m honored to have served shoulder to shoulder with Larry and wear that as a badge of honor any time I hear his name.)

Click to embiggen.

From Buy a frame for it for just $7.00! Sweet deal!


From stltoday. Seriously, they've got a really good gallery of pics of this storm that's worth looking at. I just find the fact that they want to sell matte-finish pics of this devistation really upsetting.

In that last picture, you can see where the roof is just GONE.  It used to be a beautiful, all interlocking wood roof that was ornate in its simplicity.  When I worked there, I liked going into the sanctuary during storms and lying (laying?) on one of the pews listening to the rain on the roof in silence.  That would’ve been a major mistake last night.

Here’s an overhead shot, looking in…  Thanks to KMOV for understanding that residents of the area might not want to be gouged for pics of this heartbreak.

I'm fascinated by the fact that the pews are fine. I never thought those things were nailed down in any serious way! (From

 Usually, you’d see black shingles there instead of…y’know…nothing.

This is getting depressing.  Here is a picture of a bunny.

Now here’s a picture by Jim.  This is looking toward the back of the church.  You can see the stained glass at the back of the building.  You’re not supposed to be able to see that.  There’s supposed to be kind of a wooden wall there with a clock hanging from it, with a little back area where there are stairs and a place for greeters to welcome people.  That’s gone.  (I think that’s it leaning up against the white wall there.)

I have no idea where those pipes came from.

I hear there were about 30 or so people in that room watching The Passion of the Christ on DVD when the tornado hit.  They (wisely) moved downstairs and thank God no one was hurt.  As much as I want to make a Mel Gibson joke right now…seriously, I’m glad everyone was okay.  I can’t believe the devistation.  I know, I know…  “The church isn’t a building…” etc…but I mean come on…  Where are you going to have church when something like this happens?  (Plus, like I said in my last post, I do have a lot of good memories about that place.  Even performed my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding in that very room.  Nuts.)

Anyway.  I’m glad I was in O’Fallon with family rather than at home freaking out.  Hope everyone made it through okay, and I hope the people who lost their homes and possessions are treated well by the people who are supposed to help them rebuild.  (Looking at you, insurance industry.)

Anyway…just wanted to share all that.  Sorry for ranting about the newspaper-site up there…but seriously…add a frame for $7.00 more?!?  Ugh!

Let it Rain…Let it Rain…Let your love…uh-oh…sirens…

Just a quick post, in case anyone cares, to say that following the storms in the St. Louis Metro area, I and from what I can tell everyone I know is fine.  There is extensive damage throughout the area.  The airport is closed.  One of my dad’s girlfriend’s neighbors had their house absolutely destroyed.  The church where I used to work was hit pretty much dead-on with a tornado and the roof was ripped off (the sanctuary is obviously in bad shape as a result).  But I think everyone is okay.

Just a slight note about the church…it’s no secret that there was some unpleasantness revolving around my departure from there a few years ago.  I’m not going to pretend that if I were to walk in there today I wouldn’t have the same personality issues with the same people I did all that time ago or anything like that.  But seeing the sanctuary like that was pretty gutting, and my heart goes out to them.  Hope they have a speedy recovery from that and can rebuild with no major hang-ups.  I spent a lot of time there and poured as much of myself as I could into the job and the people while I was there, and—believe it or not—I always felt like I left a big piece of myself there when I left, even if it wasn’t under the best of circumstances.  I thank God no one was hurt, and I pray that this somehow turns around to help them build a stronger church and a stronger faith.  And also a stronger roof.  (I can’t decide if that was in poor taste or not…so I’ll leave it, but I’ll also add, “Sorry, I meant well.”)  🙂

Anyway…we’re all okay, and I hope you all are too.  Hoping the weather takes a turn for the better over the next couple of days instead of the “further storms possible” thing they’re saying now.

I’ll write a better post soon.  Just wanted to throw all that out there while it’s still hot-topical.  🙂


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