Jokes With Limited Appeal

Like many of you, I have a lot of time to kill.  I spend a good portion of that going from blog to blog on the Internet.  Sometimes I run across something that makes me laugh.  Sometimes that thing is of VERY limited appeal, and not everyone is going to get the joke (which makes it even funnier).  Below, I’ve decided to share 20 images that are meant to be funny, but only to specific people.  (And yes, I had trouble narrowing it down to only 20!)  Some of them work universally (or close to it), but some are extra-special references just for us geeks.  Thought some of you might like to see what makes me giggle when I’m sitting around not sleeping at 2 a.m.

…plus I was hoping to share some pics from the Two Hangmen photoshoot…but they’re not ready yet…so you’re getting this.  🙂

Where-ever possible, I’ll either give credit or you’ll be able to see a watermark of some kind in the image.  But most of these were “Right Click – Save As…” moments, when I thought it’d be fun to have these shots on file or use them as a desktop for a week or so.  My apologies if anything goes uncredited or is credited to the wrong source…but for the most part, I typically only go to Bits & Pieces, FuckYeahAlbuquerque, or 9gag, so at least most of these are probably from one of those…let me know if I’m wrong on something and I’ll update it with proper credit.

Let’s rock.  (In most cases, you can click to embiggen.)

Star Wars reference, for those who can't quite place the name.
Doctor Who meets Star Wars. The kid is from a specific episode of Doctor Who that is really creepy and has become a fan favorite...but you kinda had to see it. And I'm assuming we all know who Darth Vader is by now.
My favorite part is Batman's comment.
Who ever thought to do this is a freaking genius, and I want to make this happen in MY fridge.
Yeah...sorry about this one. (Lifted from someone's signature on, but otherwise source unknown.)
Not only do you have to know a little bit about Superman for this one to work, you also had to have a working knowledge of Nickelodeon's "Keenan and Kel" show from the 90s. Exactly my cup of tea! (Source unknown...I think fuckyeahalbuquerque.)
This is VERY hard to explain...but basically you had to see a specific episode of the Batman animated series where Batman semi-voluntarily sang a lounge song in order to save the day.
If you've ever seen an episode of Star Trek:TNG, this one worked for you.
Still makes me laugh. Mostly thought my dad would enjoy this one.
...and people think it synchs up with The Wizard of Oz! (Source unknown...might've pulled it off a different blog.)
Back to the Future reference. (Source unknown.)
Source unknown...thought (regular reader) Jim would get a kick out of it though.
I really wish Big Bang Theory would've kept the Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock runner going. (Source unknown, but I think this was made into a t-shirt.)
Never noticed it before, but they're right. (Source unknown.)
I love that other people think that scene's as ridiculous as my friend Larry and I do.
Reference to a specific episode of the Simpsons. (Source unknown.)
It's various guys who played the Doctor on Doctor Who, as The Who. Genius. (For those who're less geeky than me... That's Doctor #4 on guitar, #11 on bass, #8 on vocals, and #10 on drums. Personally, I'd have gone with Doctor #1 on bass...but still pretty cool!) Also, notice the Dalek-themed drum set and Tardis-themed bass!
I don't think I even need to explain why this is awesome. (Source unknown.)
Sorry to anyone this might offend...but come on! Your first instinct HAD to be laughter! (Source unknown.)
I'm pretty surprised that only one wrestling picture slipped in...

 And there you go.  That’s what keeps me giggling online.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Hopefully I’ll have something unique to post tomorrow or Wednesday.


Stuff I Bought on Record Store Day (Forgot to Share this Last Time):

  • Original (used) copy of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (and a horde of country legends).
  • Old (used) copy of “My Old Cottage Home” by the original Carter Family
  • Grace Basement – Newsense
  • Grace Basement – “Broke Up Man” 6″ single, Record Store Day release
  • Johnny Cash t-shirt
  • Velvet Underground t-shirt.
  • Plus, I got a free Schlafly beer at Vintage.  Which was awesome.