From Crappy to Less-Crappy

This week has been kind of a bummer, as I noted in my last post.  I’ve been extra tense and sharp of tongue—apologies to those who’ve been affected…or effected…which-ever one it’s supposed to be.  I don’t know.

I guess I should write at some point (why not now?) that my friend Larry lost his job with our company this week.  It’s not my place to do the “hows and whys” thing on the blog—nor is it anyone’s business.  So all I’m going to say about that is that I’m going to miss working with Larry.  In the past couple of years, he’s become one of my best friends, and it sucks that I don’t get to see him every day anymore.  Makes the week harder, and makes the job harder because now I don’t have as much reason to laugh during the day (no offense to anyone else I work with).  But of course, laughing isn’t really the point of work anyway, is it?  Still…  Best wishes to Larry and I’m sure we’ll keep in touch…but man it’s going to suck not seeing him as much.  (I hope this is in no way misread as a slight against the company.  I don’t mean it that way.)

But…there were some good parts to the week.  Let’s talk about some of that…

On Thursday I went to a meeting for the St. Louis Banjo Club.  I think it was the first meeting I’ve been to since I’ve been a member.  Hung out with some old friends and listened to some good music while joking around and telling stories.  Stuff like that makes life worth living…even when it’s so bad you’re considering buying that all-meat sandwich from KFC.  I went into that night bummed out and pissed off, but then had fun and walked out smiling.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Only music can do that.

Last night (Friday) I had a weird night…but it was okay.  After I got home from work, I decided that I wanted to go somewhere that I could maybe find a new t-shirt for today’s photo shoot (more on that later).  So I went out to the St. Louis Mills mall.  It’s horrible there…but that’s beside the point.  (But seriously…never go there…)  I went the wrong way upon entering and wound up walking around the entire mall.  There are a COUPLE of interesting niche stores remaining, but it’s starting to become no different from any other mall we’ve ever had around here (ie – “closing soon” if I don’t miss my guess).  The shirt-hunt was a bust…but then I went to Barnes & Noble…so let’s start a new paragraph with that…

I went to Barnes & Noble because Friday was my niece Tessa’s third birthday, and her party is tomorrow (Sunday).  Being The Uncle, I needed a gift.  I ended up picking her up a couple of things (I spent decent money on it…I’m Uncling the HELL out of this thing!)  As I was wandering around, I found out that there’s a surprise new book by Kurt Vonnegut on the stands!  (It’s called “While Mortals Sleep.”)  So I HAD to buy that!  And I’m very excited, because I love Kurt Vonnegut.  It’s the little things…

Then there was today.  Today was GREAT.

We did a photo-shoot for Two Hangmen today.  It was a lot of fun.  My friend Tara took the pictures.  (Really nice of her to do an outdoor shoot in 50-degree-and-less temps, while pregnant!)  We started out at a semi-abandoned farm-house that is shockingly close to my house.  (I forget that part of town exists, as I typically end up focusing on the urban sections of St. Louis.)  There was a cool house and a few barns.  I think we got some fun, cool, and maybe even moody shots there.  Then we went down to the Loop area and went into Vintage Vinyl.  Again…good place for a new paragraph…

For those who don’t know and couldn’t have guessed from the name of the place, Vintage Vinyl is a record store in the area.  It’s in the cool part of town, and it still sells ACTUAL records.  “Vinyl” isn’t just in the name.  Of course, they sell CDs and whatnot too…but yeah, there’s actual honest to God RECORDS in there, and I love that.  Today was “Record Store Day.”  It’s a day when bands/labels in the know do some special releases just for the smaller, indie stores as appreciation of what they are and also in appreciation of the fans who seek this stuff out…and a lot of it is on vinyl.  It’s a holiday for my brother, most years, and I have fun too.  Thought that might be an interesting backdrop for some of the photos, so Tara came along and documented our shopping.  It was really crowded, so I’m not sure we got a ton of good shots there…but we did get some good music.  🙂  (I also picked up a Velvet Underground shirt and a Johnny Cash shirt…there goes all that money I meant to save…)

After that, we went to Blueberry Hill because burgers and bathrooms sounded like a good idea.  Blueberry Hill has my favorite burger in St. Louis, and it was my favorite part of the day.  We didn’t take any pictures in there (both because we needed to wind down, but also there was also not really a lot of room to do so in the booth), but it was definitely worth it.  A little slow in service…but worth it.

Then there was a car accident ahead of us on the ride home that majorly slowed us down…but I said I’d focus on the positive stuff…

Anyway…  This was the kind of weekend I needed after a crappy week.  So thanks to those involved who made it move from crappy to less-crappy.  And I’m very much looking forward to Tessa’s party tomorrow.  I hope there will be food.  (I failed to ask about that.)  🙂

So that’s it for now.  Back to the Star Trek marathon…

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