Apparently Edge retired from wrestling tonight, but I’ll believe it when I see it…or rather DON’T see him. Either way. If it’s legit, then fair-play to him. If it’s a swerve, then I’m not shocked and I’m tired of them doing this kind of thing. Also, Ric Flair’s wrestling in TNA now, and he “retired” and Steve Austin seems to be talking about a return to the ring, despite similar injuries to Edge. So nothing’s ever for sure, as you can plainly see. Wow these title fields hold a lot of text, if you want them to. I’m STILL typing… Yikes.

Seems like every time I have a period that I don’t write for a little bit, I seem to return with a random post…so here we go…

  1. Yikes…I’ve been staring at the number 1 with a blinking cursor for like five minutes.  Writer’s Block on a nonsense blog post.  That can’t be good.
  2. Is it weird that I haven’t gotten a dentist bill yet?  I’ve gotten stuff from my insurance telling me that they’re not covering the percentages they’re not covering…but I have yet to see a bill from my dentist.  I’m thinking about calling and seeing if it got lost in the mail or something.
  3. I think I’m off the grid for spending like ANY money for a little while.  Gonna have to be some cutbacks.  Long story…but short version is things are changing and the dollar’s going to have to stretch until I figure out what to do about it.
  4. I got a very encouraging post from a commenter today.  Apparently I wrote “a very information post” and they wish they could write as well as I do.  Thanks a lot, username “penis enlargement pills!”  Just what I needed!
  5. Should be a Two Hangmen photo-shoot coming this weekend.  Hopefully that’ll be fun, and not just me and Dave screaming at each other about who gets to wear the cowboy hat this time.
  6. The Hangmen EP is pretty much done.  Giving Dave what I *think* is the “final mix” tomorrow.  Pending his approval, I’m ready to be done with the thing.  Of course, if he sees any necessary fixes, it won’t kill me to go back into it.  I don’t mind that.  I just don’t really have anything else I’d change if it were a Derek Brink solo release.  Which, of course it isn’t.  So there may be more changes.  🙂
  7. Watching Conan tonight, I found out that two artists are still working that I’d assumed had disappeared forever.  Apparently Chris O’Donnell and PJ Harvey are still things.  Congratulations to them!
  8. Very much looking forward to the new episode of “Deadliest Catch” tomorrow.  I’ll be doing a rehearsal with Dave while it’s on though…that’s a bummer…but thank God for DVR.  Assuming it works.  Which is 50/50 at best, ever since it decided that I don’t need to watch “House” anymore.
  9. I wrote a new song that I thought was going to be very stark and minimalist.  Then in the demo-stage, I accidentally recorded so many background vocal tracks that it resulted in a choir arrangement.  It’s actually kinda cool.  Possible future free-download on the website.
  10. The WordPress Spell Check just underlined the word “for” and asked me if I meant “fro.”  Uhh…no.  I think I meant “for.”  But thanks for the lesson in Ghetto linguistics, guys!

Oh well…that’s it.  Whatever.