One Last Appeal

Just one last post before election day.  I would like to encourage you—wherever you live—to get out and vote.  There are any number of cop-out reasons you can offer for not doing it…but it’s on YOU if you don’t vote tomorrow.

But more than all that…  I would like to ask that if you live in Florissant, MO, you consider voting for Tom Schneider.  Tom is my neighbor.  I grew up with his son Marc, played in a band with him, and we maintain a friendship into adulthood.  When my mom died in 1994, Marc was the first person I told—it was the first time I’d even said it out loud.  Tom’s family later showed up at my house and gave us a Honey Baked Ham (which started a weird, weird love affair between my dad and ham that has lasted to this day, but I digress).  They’re good people. 

Tom Schneider is a fair, honest, GOOD man.  He’s a rarity in politics that Florissant and AMERICA needs.  There are a lot of candidates who deserve your vote, but I can say with utmost confidence that YOU deserve to have Tom Schneider be your mayor.  I believe that he can help restore Florissant to what it once was and could be again.  Please take a moment, visit his website, and make the obvious choice.

Thanks for your time.