Abandoned Thoughts…

I’m still kind of feeling uninspired to write anything…or at least uninspired to FINISH anything.  Every day on the Internet/Facebook, I’ll find myself pissed off enough about something (usually something mundane) to write a couple of paragraphs.  Then I’ll get bored or distracted, or realize that I don’t have any real POINT to make, and I’ll delete it.  So that’s kind of how it’s been going.  🙂

So here’s a list of topics I have ALMOST written about:

  1. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was written by two dudes who are (I think) in their 30s.  And I don’t know why Jimmy Fallon and Steve Colbert singing the exact same song with the exact same lyrics makes it any better…
  2. Libya is really starting to irritate me.
  3. It’s too hot today.
  4. Apparently you can’t use the word “Oriental” anymore without some white guy telling you it’s racist to say it.  News to me.
  5. Baseball season is too damn long.
  6. Why do people on the Internet feel that it’s their obligation to tell you that you’re wrong to love the thing you just said you love in your Facebook status?
  7. Obama’s going to look like a genius when the government shuts down and he just comes in and agrees with whatever side has the numbers and “fixes” it.  (Worked for Clinton.)
  8. Saw a reporter today say it would be best to just allow the radioactive water leaking out of the Japanese nuclear plant to keep pouring into the ocean so it’ll dilute in the ocean’s water.  (Seriously.  Someone actually said that.  On TV.)
  9. I think I’m getting a cold.
  10. No one cares if you open your bridal shower gifts AT the bridal/baby shower, or save us all a lot of “pretending to care” time by waiting until you get home.

…and stuff like that.  So you haven’t been missing much.