I’d really like a steak right now, but there are no steakhouses open at 1 a.m. Why? Why is that?

I don’t know…here’s more random stuff…

  1. Two Hangmen is (are?) moving forward.  I’m hoping to wrap post-production on the EP this weekend and get it ready for the whole duplicating/packaging thing.  We’re going to do a photo-shoot hopefully within the next couple of weeks.  We’ve bought a web-domain (details on that later!).  We’re talking about starting up a Facebook page.  We’re starting to settle on a “look” for the band (harder to do than it sounds).  Things are starting to actually HAPPEN.  Kinda nice!
  2. A friend of mine raised the question, “If you could high-five anyone throughout history, who would it be?”  Following are the funniest answers so far encountered:
    • The drummer from Def Leppard before he lost the arm.
    • Jesus, while on the cross.
    • Helen Keller
    • Anne Frank
    • Hitler, while in mid “heil.”  (Heil-five.)
    • Leonard Nimoy, if he’ll do the hand thing while he’s high-fiving you.
  3. Stuff’s shifting around at work.  I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing next week, as I think just about everyone’s getting their jobs redefined a little.  Probably a good thing.  But all change makes me nervous.  It shouldn’t, but it does.  I just don’t want to screw up anything new I’ll end up doing.  🙂
  4. Been watching “Deadliest Catch” non-stop.  I’ve seen the episodes I’m watching now a bunch of times already, but they still captivate me.
  5. I’ve realized something about Facebook.  It’s making me dislike people on the Internet that I used to like in real life.  Two way street?
  6. I put my iPod on shuffle at work today and listened to 100 songs in a row without skipping any.  I’ll be posting that weird, weird playlist tomorrow.
  7. April Fools Day.  I hate it.  Anyone who plays a prank on me is not my friend.  So bear that in mind, either way.  (I guess that’s the best way to let me know that you don’t want to be friends anymore though…at least you’ll get a laugh out of it…)  But I do like that a large part of the Internet has instead declared it Cheap Trick Day.  So I’ll be cranking up the music of Rockford’s finest tomorrow.  Hope you’ll join me.
  8. I’ve been pretty tired all week.  Been in a bad mood since about Wednesday.  Don’t know if it’s just that my back’s been hurting and I haven’t been sleeping, or if I’m coming down with something, or what.  Time will tell, I guess.
  9. Apparently baseball season started today (in St. Louis anyway…I guess everywhere…I’m not sure how that works.)  Didn’t it just end like a week ago?  The games are too long and the season’s too long, and I don’t know how people can complain when it’s over.  It’ll just be starting up again in a fortnight.

…and I just used the word “fortnight,” so I think it’s time I sign off.


Comic Books Purchased Yesterday:

  • Caligula – Issue #1
  • Scarlet – Issue #5 — I love Scarlet, but this issue really pissed me off.  It ended abruptly about halfway through the issue and then there was almost half a book’s worth of ads.  What the hell is THAT?  That is what I waited two months for?!?  That might work okay as the ending of the first trade paperback, but as an issue I waited for and bought as a single issue, it almost made me want to stop reading the series.  Not. Worth. It.
  • Captain America – Issue #616 (70th Anniversary Issue!)
  • Black Panther – Issue #516