If I were a character on LOST, I’d want to be a guy who told Sawyer that if he wasn’t prepared to actually kill me, he should shut up and be a man instead of a little crybaby who misses his mommy.

Got some stuff to talk about.  But no one ever wants to talk to me.  It’s unpleasant.  As such, I have a blog.  Enjoy!

  1. Forgot to mention that Liz Taylor died last week.  So RIP, Cleopatra.
  2. There was a Deadliest Catch marathon on Saturday.  I love that show.  I was so engrossed, I was almost hoping the gig we had that night would be canceled so I could keep watching.  But, as it stands, I just went out and bought the Season 6 DVD on Sunday.  🙂  Can’t wait for Season 7 to start up in April.  Really want to see how the Harris Boys are doing and how Sig’s getting by with Edgar on leave.  And the two new captains seem promising, too.  Should be a good season.
  3. Venture Bros. Season 4.2 came out this past week.  One of my favorite shows on TV, and I love it on DVD even more because of the commentaries.  (Seriously, those are some RIDICULOUSLY fun commentaries!)  This wasn’t my favorite season, and I’m not alone on that…but I still love the show, and even a season I don’t like as much is still better than the best season of a lot of other shows I also like.  (That didn’t make any sense…but screw it.)  Plus, Jackson Publick (aka Christopher McCulloch) has announced that they’ve officially signed on for two more seasons and at least one 60-90 minute special.  So that’s super-exciting for us fans!
  4. I’ve had a variant of the same argument about 10 times since the announcement of the iPad 2.  It basically begins with me saying, “I just think it’s stupid that they released a new one less than one year after the initial launch.”  Then the friend, well-wisher, or complete dickbag (depending on the setting) on the other side of the conversation will say something to the effect of, “Nuh, uh!  The first iPad came out in 2010, it’s 2011 now!”  So, let me put it in print once and only once…  The first iPad came out (in North America) on April 3, 2010 (or April 30, if you were smart enough to wait for 3G).  The second one was released on March 11, 2011.  THAT IS LESS THAN ONE YEAR LATER.  Sorry.  I know I’m a jerk for being right about that and being able to prove it, but I am and I can…so there!  (Here’s the Wikipedia link, if you don’t believe me.)  And this isn’t about my blind opposition to Apple products.  I don’t CARE if it’s your favorite gadget—whatever.  Doesn’t matter to me at all.  You’re entitled to your fun as much as anyone.  But the new one that made your first gen iPad obsolete came out LESS THAN ONE YEAR later.  (And actually, from what I’ve seen, it’s got some really good improvements, so I’m not judging the product…just the timing.)  There.  Now I’m putting that to bed.
  5. We’re having a surprise Winter in St. Louis.  It snowed on Saturday.  It’s being forecasted (or is it just forecast?) that it will snow tomorrow, too.  People are complaining non-stop…except for me.  I save my complaining for Summer/too-hot Spring.  🙂  I couldn’t be happier with this weather!
  6. I listened to Doc Hammer (who is involved with the Venture Bros.) expound on his love of David Bowie for ten minutes on YouTube.  He made the suggestion that the best way to get into Bowie is to buy “Ziggy Stardust” and listen to it without pants on (because you’re going to need the extra room), then pick up something from the super-coked out era of Bowie (like “Station to Station”) then pick up “Diamond Dogs.”  After some consideration, that’s not bad…but I’d do it like this instead:
    • Begin with “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust” because it’s foundational.  It provides a capstone to the “Old” Bowie and serves as a primer for almost everything that came afterward.
    • Move from there to either “Aladdin Sane” or “Diamond Dogs” to further explore the “Glam” era Bowie.  This was the peak of his success, and it’s fun rock music.  Enjoy!
    • Grab something from 2000 or afterward, to experience Bowie at his musical best.  Personally, though it’s a STARK contrast to the glam stuff above, I recommend “‘Hours…'”  It’s my favorite Bowie record, and has some of his most lush arrangements on it.  Or shoot for “Heathen,” maybe.
    • THEN you grab something from the super-coked out era.  “Station to Station” is a good choice.  “Black Tie White Noise” is also a good choice (even though he was probably off the coke by then.)
    • Then pretty much focus on whatever you liked, and/or get some Greatest Hits/Live stuff.  At some point you have to pick up either “Aladdin Sane” or “Diamond Dogs” (which-ever one you didn’t pick up before).  Personally, I love “Outside” and particularly recommend it to people who don’t like the glam stuff, but want to be able to say, “Yeah, I love Bowie.”  And I maintain that you’ve GOT to listen to “Reality.”  It’s a great record, to begin with…but beyond that, it’s a little bit of a mystery.  The touring behind it was extensive.  Bowie repeatedly spoke of how much fun he was having on the tour.  Then he had a heart-issue that cut the tour a little short, and he pretty much walked away from the business.  He didn’t make a formal announcement of retirement…but he seems to have quit.  Rumor has it that he now introduces himself to people as “Hello, my name is David and I have two children.”  He seems to have walked away from being David Bowie and is just a family man now.  “Reality” might just be the last Bowie record…and that makes it interesting.
    • …and that’s my David Bowie primer.  🙂
  7. Two Hangmen EP is almost done in the “post-production” stage.  Which basically means I’ve got a mix that I think I can live with and that Dave seems to like.  (Or we’re close, at least…I’ve got a couple of SMALL fixes to make, still.)  We’re going to do a photo shoot soon, and then we’ll finish the thing, I guess.
  8. Work is fine, but exhausting.  Been doing a lot of extra stuff, and the office mood is weird (not bad…weird).  But who wants to talk about work?
  9. Feldman gig over the weekend went fine.  Snow probably kept a few people away, but we had a decent crowd.  The drunks were a little irritating at the end of the night (they didn’t want to leave and at one point some girl ended up crying and screaming in the parking lot, yelling at a guy who was no longer there…that’s how drunk and mad she was)…but they basically clapped when they were supposed to.  So yay.  And the bar people were nice and make a pretty good burger.  Had fun and played well.  That’s pretty much all I ask for.
  10. Side-effect from the gig, though…my back hurts a lot.  I’m sore all over and it kinda sucks.  My own fault for getting this out of shape.  Might have to do something about that.  I’m not likely to though.  It’s my way.

And that’ll do for now.  If nothing else, I’ll talk to you when I buy new comic books this week.

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