Make up your own title. I’m a little tired of trying…

Here’s some random stuff, because that’s what I do.

  1. Quick DKM Review — “Going Out in Style” came out a couple of weeks ago (or at some point earlier this year, anyway…whatever…).  I talked about it briefly last week…but I’ve more fully absorbed it this week.  I like it.  First thing of theirs I’ve really liked since “Sing Loud Sing Proud.”  The records in-between haven’t been bad or anything.  This one’s just better.  It was a daunting challenge for them to even follow “Sing Loud” at all, since it was pretty much a masterpiece.  The records following didn’t suck…but there was just no way they could live up.  This one, however, comes pretty close.  It’s so good, I almost want to join a union.  (And, shockingly for someone who defines himself as a Democrat, I usually think unions are a waste of time, money, and otherwise perfectly good picket signs.)
  2. New banjo is working out pretty well.  Stuck a microphone in front of it on Saturday and recorded a version of myself singing “Nancy Spain.”  (It’s kind of an Irish tune.)  Sounds good on the recording, and it plays smoothly.  So I’m happy.  Just gotta buy a new strap—the one that came with it only goes to about the bottom of my ribcage, so it’s kind of useless.  Also need to figure out where to buy strings thick enough to handle the Irish (GDAE/EADG, however you like to think about it) tuning.
  3. Work was ridiculously busy today.  And it will be tomorrow.  Good thing I only took off two days and didn’t take a FULL vacation!  (I kid, I kid…)  It’s good to know they need me though.  I don’t mind the work, as long as there’s work to do.
  4. The Two Hangmen thing is nearly done.  I think I have a mix that’s pretty close.  I don’t really care what else needs to be changed on it…whatever Dave suggests, I’ll probably do, because at this point I’ve lived with it a little too long as an engineer and I don’t think he’ll suggest anything that endangers the integrity of the project.  (I say that now…but if I write anything about him wanting to add a clarinet or a slide whistle or a fart-track or something, someone please tell me to stop.)  So, look for that to “drop” soon-ish…
  5. IT’S TOO DAMN HOT!!!  My body can not make the change from 40 to 80-degrees in a day.  All of you happy for the warm weather can bite me.  (It’s cool though.  I’m delicious.  I taste like cream soda and shame.)  I’m sitting on the couch right now, the laptop isn’t on my lap, it’s on the arm of the couch, and I’m sweating so much I’m actually DRIPPING and my shirt is wet.  This is hell.  (And yes, there are fans going and windows open.  I’m not an idiot.)
  6. In other news, I missed the Super Moon.  I think my brother said something about it to me…but I didn’t see it at all.  Oh well…
  7. The house church I go to was interesting this week.  The guy leading it was remembering a friend of his who’d passed away a number of years ago (a tradition) and sort of did a day of remembrance thing, where we all shared a little bit about people we knew who have died.  I think I began my comments with, “Well, I’m Irish…all we DO is talk about death.  So settle in…”  It was a nice night, with no one completely breaking down into tears.  Mostly just nice hearing about people who were apparently good people while they were alive.
  8. In a complete change of pace…  I’m playing bass with the Michael Feldman Group this weekend (on the 26th) at Mimi’s Bar and Grill in Ferguson (46 No. Florissant Rd. Ferguson, MO) from 9-1 (pm to am).  Come on out and see us, if you get a minute.  I’ll be singing a couple of tunes (probably in set one or two).  The place has good food, was recently remodeled to be a nicer-looking establishment, and I think it’s even SMOKE FREE…so no excuses from you wimps with pink lungs!
  9. Gas prices suck.  Even I’M thinking of voting against Obama because of this bullshit.  I can barely afford to GO to work.  I’m spending about $10-15 a day just on gas.  This has to stop.  I don’t buy that we’ve got a shortage on fossil fuels at ALL, much less so bad of one to necessitate a (possibly?  I haven’t looked this up) record-breaking rise in gas prices.  Just further proof…no matter their political affiliation, politicians just don’t CARE about the middle and lower class.
  10. I watched the Rebecca Black “Friday” video that has the Internet so pissed off.  I don’t see why everyone’s so mad.  It’s stupid.  The lyrics are horrible.  The auto-tune is obvious and unnecessary.  There’s a 35-year-old rapper for no reason that feels a little bit creepy…  But I’ve heard worse, and so have you.  It seems like the Internet reaction to it has been mostly just against the fact that it’s simple and catchy.  As though getting a song stuck in your head is somehow the equivalent of mind-rape.  But it just seems like good marketing to me, and I don’t see where it’s any worse than anything else of its ilk.  In fairness, I could go a lifetime without hearing it again, but the same can be said of “My Humps” by The Black Eyed Peas, “The Stroke” by Billy (Ripped-Shirt!) Squire, “In Da Club” by 50 Cent (aka – “Iss Yer Birfday” by Fiddy Cenn), or even “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” by the Beatles.  Plus…she’s 13 and recorded something a 13-year-old would like.  Climb out of her ass.

…and that should do it.  It’s too damn hot to write any more.  I need air conditioning.

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