Lacking Inspiration

Sorry I haven’t been writing more.  It’s really been boring lately.  Nothing much to say.  Or maybe I just don’t have the energy to write…oh well…whatever…nevermind.  (Sorry for the Nirvana reference.)

Got a few things I can talk about anyway…so let’s do just a small random thing.

  1. Went to the dentist yesterday and got a couple of fillings.  I’ve got about four more that need fillings, and three extractions.  The problem is that I’m pretty much out of insurance money.  So I think the extractions at least will have to wait until next year when the insurance renews.  The fillings are less expensive though.  The four of them will probably be like $400-500, if I pay for them out-of-pocket.  That’s a lot of money (to me), but it’s probably worth it.  For the moment, I’m waiting for the insurance money to come in and they’ll send me a bill for what I owe so far…then we’ll see how soon I can feasibly schedule an appointment (or two) for the remaining fillings.  One step at a time…but things are better in there than they were a couple of weeks ago.  I can even eat sandwiches again, if I want!  🙂
  2. A few weeks ago, I made my pitch for who I support in the Florissant (MO) mayoral race.  Well, I figured that I should probably post a link to his website as well, in case anyone wants to read up. So, please visit Tom Schneider’s campaign site, if you get a chance.  He’s a good guy, and I’m proud to have his sign in my yard.
  3. Did some St. Patrick’s partying last night at the home of my friends Andy and Tara.  Good food (I had about five plates full of corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes!) and good people.  Spent some time chatting about Doctor Who and WWE Wrestling with one of the women there (but not like that…she’s married—also my friend Larry was in on the Wrestling conversation).  Played some old-school Nintendo games.  Watched the Brit-movie “Exam” (which wasn’t bad, but I don’t think I’ll buy the DVD).  And in general just enjoyed the evening.  Someone other than me even drank a bottle of the Guinness I brought!  🙂  Thanks for being such good hosts, Andy and Tara!
  4. Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m very much looking forward to the actual day (for those of you who thought it was yesterday, it’s actually the 17th).  I’m taking a small and much-needed vacation in conjunction with it.  I’m taking off Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday, I’m headed down to the Dogtown Parade and hanging out in the St. James the Greater church eating corned beef and cabbage and listening to the music of The Irish Aires (then probably stopping by some other bar or restaurant for more food on the way home, if the past couple of years have been any indication).  And then I’m pretty much taking it easy for the rest of the weekend.  Should be good.  I actually like celebrating my heritage (it’s not just an excuse to drink.  I don’t NEED an excuse to drink!) so this in one of my favorite times of year…even though it’s also when the weather starts warming up, which I could do without.  🙂  Until then, I’m just marathoning Father Ted on DVD.
  5. Progress is being made on the Two Hangmen EP.  We’re in the process of choosing a logo/designing art work.  I’m doing some fixes in the mix.  We’re beginning to casually talk about websites, etc.  Things are moving forward.  Not at a hugely fast pace…but moving.  So that’s good.
  6. I recently re-found my Grandpa Herweck’s old ring and I’ve been wearing it around.  I wore it for a few years around my neck in high school, then stopped for some reason.  Now it comes pretty close to fitting me…though it’s a little loose.  The jewel in it is pretty beaten up though.  Fortunately, I’ve got a brother in the coin/jewelry business who can probably help with getting a new stone in there and re-sizing it, if need-be.  It’s got his birthstone in there right now (assuming he was born in March…wouldn’t know…never met him, much less celebrated his birthday).  I think I’ll keep the same stone, rather than change it to mine, so it’s still basically HIS ring.  Plus, my birthstone is the Emerald…and green looks tacky in a man’s ring.  Most women seem to pull it off okay…but I don’t like it on men—especially when I’M the man.
  7. Bought the new Dropkick Murphys record last night, on impulse.  Only about 75% of the way through it so far…but it seems pretty good.  I’m sure I’ll give a full report on my podcast sooner or later.

…and that’s all for now.  Hoping for some excitement this week to report here on the blog.  If not…then I’ll make something up, I guess.

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