Farley Farley Farley Farley Farley, Afaaaaarrr!

I haven’t blogged since Sunday.  Wow.  Sorry!

Not a lot has been going on, though.  Even New Comic Book Day (which is what most of you foolishly call “Wednesday”) didn’t bring much into my life—with one of my purchases being made strictly because I was walking out with so little, and a couple of the guys at the store said, “BUY IT!” to me about 20 times.  (Turns out if you tell me to buy something 20 times, I do it.  That is very bad information for the comic book store guys to have!)

The week has just been kinda “blah.”  Not much to talk about, not much to report, not much to make much of…mostly just looking forward to a dentist appointment on Saturday where hopefully he’ll tell me I can eat hamburgers again.

Oh well…maybe I’ll take an interesting picture worth posting or get a hangnail or eat a really good taco or something tomorrow.  Sorry I don’t have more to say tonight.  It’s harder being an Internet Personality than it looks!  (So hard I’m not even one of them!)

Happy Lent though, to all my Catholic friends.  May the Jesus on your head sustain you on your many meatless Fridays to come.  (And just think…next year St. Patrick’s Day falls on Friday, during Lent.  No corned beef for the Catholics next year.  That’s like some kinda living hell, isn’t it?)

Comic books purchased today:

  • Justice League: Generation Lost — Issue #21
  • Sigil — Issue #1
  • Gotham Central — Book One: In the Line of Duty — (This is the thing they told me to buy, which I didn’t really want, but I hope to enjoy because Mike has never led me astray.)  🙂

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