I don’t have the energy to write a title…so here’s some random letters: nureuinein uneifafcgrdr unusignsvgriu QQQQQ7.

Okay…been a few days…think I should write again.  And who would I be if I didn’t do it in random form?

  1. EDIT: Almost forgot…  “Empty Checking” is back!  I finally have all the technology issues worked out and I’m podcasting again.  Yay!  Go on over and listen, if you’re so inclined.
  2. Teeth feel okay.  I don’t feel anything I’d call “pain,” but I do have some pressure along the gum-line above the teeth that were worked on.  That seems natural.  On Friday night though, I noticed that the back of the tooth I had the root canal on feels a little soft—kind of rubbery.  I don’t know if I’m supposed to be worried about that or not.  I think it’s just a temporary sealant that’s supposed to wear away, but I don’t think it was soft before.  But maybe that’s how it works.  (I seem to remember him saying something about a sealant that will “go away on its own,” but I had just been drilled on for an hour…who remembers?)  I’m seeing him again on the 12th…so I’ll ask about it then, if it still feels weird.  At this point, I’ve just been avoiding biting down on anything with that tooth until then.  Which leads me to this…
  3. Dear God, I miss sandwiches.  I love sandwiches.
  4. Bought the new Get Up Kids record.  So far, I’ve only listened to half of it.  I think I like it, but I need to listen properly before I do a review.  It’s VERY different from the GUKs we used to know, though!
  5. Also bought My Morning Jacket’s “Evil Urges.”  I like that “I’m Amazed” song (mostly thanks to their appearance on American Dad), so I picked it up.  Whole thing’s pretty good, I must say.  Kinda feel like I might’ve been missing out on these guys for a while!  (I think I had them confused with My Chemical Romance for a long time…so that’s why.)  Singer sings a little too high for my taste sometimes…but it’s still good.  And I hear they’ve got a NEW record coming out this year…so maybe I’ll pick that up.
  6. My brother put the thought in my head…but basically, I hope Charlie Sheen runs for president someday.
  7. Gave Dave a mix of the Two Hangmen EP this weekend titled, “Almost the Sort of Mix that You Don’t Want to Play for People.”  So that’s where we are so far.
  8. Missed church on Saturday.  Nodded off for a bit instead.  I think it was the root canal what did it to me.
  9. Long John Silvers changed their menu.  I’ve been eating there for DECADES, and suddenly, if I ask them for three chicken planks and two fish, they don’t know what to do.  That pisses me off so bad!
  10. I’ve been walking around with a “Dukakis for America” pin from 1992 on my coat for weeks.  No one’s said anything about it.
  11. I think I lost two capos recently.  (If you don’t know what those are, they’re basically things you put on the neck of your guitar to change the key you’re playing in.)  The more I think about it though, the more I think the cable guy who was here might’ve pocketed them.  I’m going to wait a little longer and see if I run across them…but if I don’t find them soon, I’m going to chalk it up to thievery and shell out $40 for new ones.  (I know, other guitar players, that sounds like a lot for capos…but I buy GOOD ones that keep me in TRUE tuning, so I don’t create any off pitches against the other musicians I play with.  That’s worth the money.)
  12. Best Buy is dead to me, I think.  Not only do they not stock decent music anymore, they’ve also gone to the insulting “corral” system for their checkout line YEAR ROUND.  That shit is why I don’t go anywhere near them in the weeks leading up to Christmas…now it’s why I’m not going anywhere near them any other day of the year either.  Suck it Best Buy.  Suck it dry.

…and I think “suck it dry” is as good a note to go out on as any.  🙂