Just In Case You Were Wondering…

Don’t get me wrong…it’s a mess in there…  But come on.  How often do you get to see the inside of your own head?  That’s kinda awesome!

Root canal went quickly and smoothly.  Filled in two teeth (the one the procedure was done on and the one next to it).  my nose was numb up until about five minutes ago from the novocaine…and I’m starting to get some sensation back in my mouth too.  So far, no real pain (except for where the needle went in for the novocaine, but it’s not bad…feels like I bit my tongue, except it’s in my gums, not in my tongue).  We’ll see how I’m feeling later tonight and into tomorrow…but so far, I’ve been pretty lucky.  Cross your fingers for me!

Thought I Should Write A Little While I’m Not Doped Up…

I’m assuming I’m going to get some awesome pain killers in the next day or so.  I’m having my very first root canal tomorrow (today, whatever) at 2:00.  I’ve never had a root canal…but I can’t imagine that I’ll be whistling Dixie before the weekend.  I imagine that I’ll be on some cool, weird pain killers and/or antibiotics, and as such I’m likely not to blog for a few days.  (But then again, I also can’t imagine that I’ll be in any more pain than I’ve been over the past couple of years…and if I’d had access to pain killers at those times, I definitely would have used them.)

So…let’s do a random post before this goes down…

  1. Album review: Over the Rhine – “The Long Surrender” — There are some lyrical absurdities and there is the obligatory, unnecessarily Jazz-based OtR composition.  But it’s pretty good.  I certainly like it better than their previous effort.  I’d put it on par with Disc 2 of “Ohio” or thereabout.  It’s good…but I had trouble getting over the places where they try (and fail) to be lyrically cute (in “Only God Can Save Us Now”—which is actually a really good song, but with one or two stupid lines that make me cringe) and the places where they try to be hip (in “Infamous Love Song” where the penned lyric to the acousticy, folky track is, “I sing the bebop apocalypse.”  I’m not kidding.  They wrote that.).  Plus, I just don’t think they do Jazz very well, and though it’s not as heavy an influence on this record as the last one, “There’s a Bluebird in My Heart” isn’t exactly a favorite of mine in their catalogue, at present.  BUT.  All that said, “The Laugh of Recognition” and “Undamned” stand up alongside the best of the OtR playlist and there are some really breathtaking moments on the record as a whole.  I give it a B-.
  2. A friend of mine saw me today and told me that my “beard has grown mightier.”  That probably means I need to shave.  Not like ALL of it…but thin it down a little.  I like my beard…but I don’t want to go full-Zach-Galifianakis with it.  (And I’m a big fan of Zach’s.)
  3. Comic Books purchased today:
    • CarbonGrey – Issue #1 — Which is pretty good, but it’s one of those where the other issues are definitely going to flesh it out more, and it’s kind of confusing right now.
    • Darkwing Duck – Annual #1
    • Axe Cop – Issue #1 (of 3) — It’s a comic book about a cop, who carries an axe.  It was written by a six-year-old and drawn by his thirty-year-old brother.  It makes absolutely no sense and contains dialogue like: “You just drank my friend’s brain!”  Admit it.  You want to read that.
    • Batman Beyond – Issue #3
  4. I bought a corned beef meal from Dierberg’s today.  (That’s a local grocery store…I don’t know if they exist outside of the St. Louis area.)  It was okay…but the plastic wrap they put on it dyed part of the beef red (I didn’t eat that part) and the cabbage was under-done.  In all, I’m looking forward to eating the real thing a little closer to St. Pat’s.
  5. My Mohela loan payments that had been mysteriously raised to $200/month have been re-worked and now I’m only paying like $77/month.  So I now officially take back *some* of the mean things I have said about them in the past.
  6. My back hurts a little.  Not enough to complain about, really…and yet I’ve done it.
  7. Getting like $50 back on my taxes.  All things considered, that’s not too bad.  People complain and complain about taxes being too high…but I make next to nothing AND got a refund.  So stop whining, America.  Do your part, set it aside, and help the damn country by paying if you owe.
  8. Another album review: Hayes Carll – “KMAG YOYO” — Excellent.  Destined for my top five of the year.  Presently probably at #1 or 2.  I don’t know why Carll isn’t the biggest selling name in Country Music, but he SHOULD be.  The record is funny, touching, and high-energy in all the right places.  Gets a little more sleepy toward the second half, but that’s true of all three of his records so far, so I expected it…and even if I hadn’t, it still wouldn’t have been anything to complain about because those songs are really good.  Standout pieces: “Hard Out Here,” “KMAG YOYO,” “Another Like You,” and “Bottle in My Hand.”  You gotta hear this thing…and preferrably buy it, too.  (And in case you didn’t know, “KMAG YOYO” is an US Army acronym in the spirit of “SNAFU” and “FUBAR.”  It stands for “Kiss My Ass, Guys.  You’re On Your Own.”  See?  You learn stuff listening to music.)
  9. Been busy at work.  I don’t know if it’s company wide or just me (ha, ha).  Seriously though, it’s a good thing on a lot of levels…mostly, I just like having something to do all day, so I’m not complaining.
  10. Ate some Pappy’s BBQ yesterday.  Great stuff.  You’ve really got to try it if you’re in STL.  I could eat an entire bucket of the baked beans on their own.
  11. Two Hangmen EP is DONE in the pre-production stages.  Gotta mix it, master it, and package it (in some form).  Then we’re good to go.  (Assuming there are no re-takes needed…which I still count as a “post-production” thing anyway.)  It’ll probably be a week or two before I’ve got it totally mastered, but it’s moving pretty smoothly so far.  Looking forward to the finished product.

…and that’ll do it for now.  Wish me luck.  I’m a little nervous about the root canal and recovery from it.  (More the latter, in fact.)  My dentist assures me it won’t be too bad, but I’m a worrier, as you all know by now.  I’m sure it’ll be fine.  I just need to convince my gut that my head is right about this one.


Time for another entry in Face-Bullshit!: where I mock the motivational statuses of my friends:

  • Quote: “Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman
    • …and also, you might get skin cancer.
    • In addition…  Screw Walt Whitman.  “Leaves of Grass,” my ass…