Oscar Recap…

Here’s my writeup I did during the Oscars, pretty much unedited, except to fix a few spelling errors and whatnot.  I also kept updating a post about it on Facebook, as it was happening…so if you check out my Facebook page, you can see that.  It’s kind of similar…but not entirely.

Anyway…here we go:


Worst opening I’ve ever seen, with both hosts floundering to both read the prompter and be likable.

Can Kirk Douglas just host this thing?

Nice mouth on Melissa Leo!  🙂

I liked Timberlake confessing to being Banksy.  He’s gold when he’s not singing.

Toy Story 3 won best animated film…shocking…  In other news, I like using sarcasm!

The “tributes” to past movies seem pointless and out of place.

I hope they don’t shove The Social Network down our throats all night long.  I really don’t care how Facebook was made or about the lives of the sad little developers.

Franco doesn’t seem to care and Hathaway is trying too hard.

Cute making fun of Hugh Jackman.

Franco in a dress pretty much bombed.  Audience didn’t care…and his Charlie Sheen joke couldn’t even save it.

I kind of like Russell Brand.  I’m disappointed in myself for it…but I do.  But where the hell did his beard go?  (And no…I’m not referring to Katy Perry.)

Always a pleasure to see Reese Witherspoon.

Did anyone actually see Winter’s Bone?  I didn’t even hear of it until the Golden Globes.

Geoffrey Rush deserved the Oscar based on nothing more than him being Geoffrey Rush.  But of course he didn’t get it…  I didn’t see “The Fighter” (I refuse to knowingly give money to Marky Mark), but good for Christian Bale…I’ve always been a fan of his and I give him a well-deserved “Swing-heil!” for his win.  I just wish he was Geoffrey Rush.

Also always a pleasure to see Nicole Kidman.

Unless you’re prepared to trot Mark Hammil out on stage, you should NOT play the Star Wars music.  It’s just a tease.

Holy word Melissa Leo said!  Trent Reznor won an Oscar!

Seriously…James Franco…stop trying to make me like you.

At this point in the Oscars, I have decided to play the “Who’s NOT on pot?” game.  I figure that’ll be easier than figuring out who IS, based on most of the presenters…

I wonder if Marissa Tomei still sends thank you notes to the estate of Jack Palance…

Cate Blanchet is ageless.  I have no clue how old she is…she could be 30…she could be 50…  She just always looks like that.  (Not that I’m complaining.  She’s lovely.)

Seems like Alice in Wonderland was WAY more than a year ago…but maybe I’m mixing it up with Willie Wonka.

Kevin Spacey is a remarkably good singer.  But I wish he’d have done his Walter Matthau impression.

Nawewe got robbed!  (Just kidding.  I’ve never heard of any of the short films.)

Really?  Did we need a tribute to Auto-tune?  Really?

Hathaway’s growing on me, but I could pretty much do without ever seeing Franco again at this point.

I’m so tired of Oprah.

I was really hoping to see Banksy win…oh well.  I guess at least this way he can keep working…and not getting paid for it…

Funny… Michael Moore would’ve been booed for telling the truth about the financial crisis…

Billy Crystal: How long can a man be receding before he recedes?  But at least he’s LIGHT YEARS more entertaining than everybody else that’s been up there (except for Douglas).

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law…apt pairing…for a number of reasons.  (Seriously, I did like them working together.)

Seriously…Franco’s dragging Hathaway down.  But God bless her for still trying.

I like Gwenyth Paltrow…but she is NOT a Country star, and people need to stop calling her that.  She’ll ride this movie for a little longer, then never sing again, and I’m fine with that.  She’s a good actress and a not a BAD singer…but she’s a movie star…not a country star.  But I did like her song more than Randy Newman’s.  Newman’s speech was pretty good, though.

I hate Celine Dion so much I have to pee.

I forgot Blake Edwards died this year…and they didn’t include Corey Haim in the death-tribute…that’s not too classy.

Every time someone says the name Jennifer Hudson, I think they’re talking about Kate Hudson…and I’m very disappointed when I figure it out.

We’re getting a tornado warning in St. Louis at this point.  Come on, Academy…  “Twister” is SO 1996!

Lifetime Achievement awards used to mean something, didn’t they?  Why isn’t that part of the telecast anymore?!?

Hmm…Natalie Portman’s character in Black Swan seemed more moved to get the part than Portman herself was to get the Oscar.  But good for her!  That kid’s gonna go places, I tells ya!

Sandra Bullock doesn’t look like herself anymore.  Too much Botox, I think.  Shame…I always thought she was going to age gracefully…

Well thank God they didn’t give Best Actor to Franco…after tonight, he certainly couldn’t have backed it up.  But Colin Firth is a good choice.  He’s got a ton of talent, and if Geoffrey Rush can’t win, then at least he did…but I think I aged a little during his speech.

I love Spielberg pointing out the losers from past years who are still pretty damn memorable.  That was really, really classy.

Well, my previous post was not quite proven right, huh?  Way to go King’s Speech.

I was expecting those kids at the end were going to sing “Come Sail Away.”  What the hell?


…and now we’ve got tornado sirens in this neighborhood.  So…that’s happening.

Assuming no tornadoes kill me…I’ll talk to y’all later!  Hope you enjoyed the Oscars!

3 thoughts on “Oscar Recap…”

    1. I don’t totally recall…I think it was just a lead-in to the “best music” section or something. I kinda stopped paying attention for a little bit. But I looked up and the orchestra was on stage playing the Star Wars music…had to be something to do with how important music is in movies…

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