Bad Supergroups

I’m really low on ideas…so here’s a list of some “mash-up” band names.  If a supergroup were to form of two (or more) bands and decided to use parts of their old names, these might be the names…and they’d make for some really BAD team ups.  This is inspired by the tribute band Beatallica, who play mash-up songs of both the Beatles and Metallica…but imagine that with the ACTUAL band members…then you’re hearing what I heard in my head while throwing together this list.

Anyway…a couple of these suck…but let’s do this thing!  (I’ll clarify a couple of the more obscure/badly done ones.)

  1. Randy Newman Overdrive
  2. Jefferson Ringo Starrship
  3. Def Zeppelin
  4. U-2 Live Crew
  5. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Garfunkel
  6. Rolling Stone Temple Pilots
  7. KC and the Doo Dah Band
  8. Pearl Lamb of God
  9. Iron Mayhem (Iron Maiden and Mayhem…which actually might not be too bad…but I don’t wanna hear it.)
  10. KISStreisand
  11. Manfred Manson (Manfred Mann and Marilyn Manson)
  12. Motorhanson
  13. Lady Anti-Flag (Lady Antebellum and Anti-Flag)
  14. T Rex Pistols
  15. Godspeed You Black Sabbath (Godspeed You Black Emporer and Black Sabbath)
  16. Van Springsteen
  17. Nitty Gritty Dirt Bizkit
  18. Ozzy Osmond

…alright.  That was stupid…and I couldn’t even get to 20.

I promise I’ll write something better soon.

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