Days of the Week / DBT Review

We all know the days of the week.  Well most of us do.  Hopefully you all do.  Unless you’re a kid or an idiot or something.

Let me start again.

We all know the days of the week.  Though there seem to be some people out there who don’t have it straight that a given calendar week starts on SUNDAY, we can at least all agree that there are seven days and one or two of them suck.  (Seriously though…I’ve heard more than one person insist that Monday is the first day of the week.  But look at your calendar.  Me win.  You lose.  Scoreboard!  Though I am aware that you can buy “business” calendars that do start on Monday, which is probably where the confusion started in the first place, thankyouverymuch Office Max.)

Like many of you, I am of the opinion that each day of the week has its own “feel” to it.  Some days “feel” better and some worse.  Following are my opinions on each day of the week.  Because…  I’m out of ideas.


  1. Sunday
    • Traditionally considered part of the weekend, this is actually where the week starts.  And I like how it starts.  It’s a laid back day.  Some decent stuff on TV (Simpsons, etc).  Usually get something to eat with my dad.  I often find myself picking up a guitar and strumming a little.  Nice slow, lazy start to the week.
  2. Monday
    • Most people hate Monday.  I am mostly neutral to it though.  Yeah, I have the same fog that everyone else does.  It sucks to have to wake up early and drag myself into work (even though I like my job), but EVERYONE feels that way.  That’s not unique.  And I’m kind of used to it.  In fact, I find that most people are so down and miserable on Mondays that they don’t bother messing with you or expecting much from you or the day.  So whereas it sucks to be awake after the weekend, it’s not like it’s high-pressure…I’m cool with Mondays.
  3. Tuesday
    • I hate Tuesdays.  Tuesday is ALWAYS a busy, busy day for me.  For some reason, it seems like the busiest day at work, then the drive home is terrible (seriously, for some reason I seem to encounter more dead stops and crazy-idiots on Tuesdays than any other day of the week).  Then there’s band practice, which I enjoy, but which just makes the day longer.  Tuesdays just keep going and going…  I’m sick of them.
  4. Wednesday
    • I don’t mind Wednesdays at all.  So many people call it “Hump Day” because it’s in the middle of the week, and I think most people feel about it how I feel about Tuesdays…that it’s long and pointless.  But I don’t mind it.  That might just be because it’s new comic books day, though.
  5. Thursday
    • Thursdays are fine.  The weekend’s in sight.  Most of the week’s problems are off the calendar.  Big Bang Theory is on.  I’ve still got a couple of comics to read…  It’s a pretty good day.
  6. Friday
    • The start of the weekend!  Fridays are great.  Work seems to go by quicker, knowing that the weekend’s starting in just a few hours.  Then I usually hang out over at my brother’s place, watching the kids be weird (as kids are), eating food, and watching something on TV.  Then I go home and sleep in.  Not a bad gig.
  7. Saturday
    • Until recently, Saturday’s pretty much just been a day to sit around and do nothing, and record the occasional podcast (I think I’m close to having that working again, btw).  But more recently, I’ve started attending a house-church on Saturday evenings that I think I’m going to really enjoy for the time being.  (Also gives me an excuse to sleep in on Sunday.  Suck on THAT!)  And I’ll sometimes have a gig…or a beer…or something.  Pretty good.

…and that’s it.  Sorry about that.  That was a stupid thing to post…  Let me try to make up for it with a record review…


Current Listening/In Review:

Drive-By Truckers – “Go-Go Boots”

New record.  Not bad.  A little sleepier than I’d have liked though.  They say they’re tapping into their Muscle Shoals soul/R&B heritage on this one…but I don’t quite hear that.  (But don’t go by that.  I also didn’t hear the supposed “70s Brit Rock” influence touted on “A Blessing and a Curse” that everyone else swears is there.)  I hear an attempt at a full-on country record that ended up a little bit  sleepier than they probably meant it to. 

But that’s not to say it’s bad.  Their cover of Eddie Hinton’s “Everybody Needs Love” is worth the purchase price alone.  And there are a couple I’m sure I’ll love for years to come.  In fact, if you take this record and dump it into a playlist alongside last year’s “The Big To-Do,” it works REALLY well, and you’ve got a really solid mix of songs…  (Recommend playlist name: “The Big Go-Go.”) 

However, I do have to say that as much as I like her bass playing, I’m a little weary of bassist/vocalist Shonna Tucker’s contributions to the band.  They seem like they don’t quite fit with the rest of the stuff they do.  It’s not because she has a bad voice or they’re bad songs or anything like that…they just don’t fit, in my opinion.  But that might just be me.  If you love them, they’re certainly present on this one and you’ll be happy.  Her voice does sound great on them, and if she ever does a solo record, I’ll buy it…but the tunes just seem to slow down the DBT vibe, even on a slower record.  (No offense, Shonna!  I love you, really!)  I will say that I tend to like one of her tunes per record though (and her up-tempo tunes seem to fit a little better), so maybe it’s just a volume/pacing thing… 

All in all, a good listen, but not what I was expecting.  I spent most of my first listen thinking, “Maybe the rock songs happen later…” and that was off-putting for a band that I usually think of as a well-spring of great guitar-rock…but it gets better with each listen, and I’m sure I’ll grow to love it, and if nothing else I’m sure it’ll be on my top ten for 2011.

Overall, I’d give it a B-, or maybe a solid B. (And that’s judging it against the other Truckers records, not against like Bach or something.)

EDIT: Oh yeah…but I’ve got to say that I am VERY disappointed by the band’s webstore.  I did a pre-order of the record on both vinyl and CD, with an add-on of a t-shirt available only with the pre-order.  Preorders are supposed to arrive on the date of release (or reasonably close anyway), but it wasn’t even SHIPPED until the release date, and is presently located in Van Nuys, California.  It will eventually be handed off to the USPS…which will be even slower than the DHL truck it is presently on (and they’re also likely to badly mis-handle a vinyl record…ugh…).  So why did I pay for a pre-order, exactly?  I could’ve accomplished more by just going to Vintage Vinyl on Tuesday.  I mean, yeah…I got the digital download a day BEFORE the release date, which was nice…but digital downloads SUCK and I want my physical product!  It’s a shame that a thing like this ends up reflecting poorly on the band…but I guess that’s what you get when your band does business with companies that suck.

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