Quick post that may have to hold you for a little bit…

I’ve got lots on my mind, but I’m not sure how to organize it into a post.  There’s not quite enough to put together a “random” post.  The individual subjects are not long enough to write individual posts.  And the stuff that I probably COULD go on and on about would probably only be interesting to a precious few, if that.  I’ve got a few things sitting on my hard drive that are theological in nature that I’ve written lately that might be interesting (albeit heavy) reads…but I don’t know if I’ll ever post those.  I’m kind of sick of going to blogs and reading heavy stuff.  So we’ll see how frequent my posting is for the next week or so…who knows?  Maybe I’ll get inspired…

Hey ho…

For the moment, here are a couple of quick things…

  1.  Got the new …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead record.  The copy I picked up is a “special edition” of sorts.  One disk is the standard release, and one is an “epic” type mix, that’s a little shorter than the standard release, but combines the individual songs into only two tracks.  Each version of the record is slightly, willfully different, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the differences for a long time to come.  Haven’t fully absorbed it yet…but I’m looking forward to BLASTING that thing out of my car going to and from work tomorrow.  Also, free t-shirt.
  2. New comic book day brought me some stuff I’m very excited about.  Here’s what I picked up…
    • Batwoman – Issue Zero — Which is a stupid concept…but I’m intrigued.
    • Justice League: Generation Lost – Issue #19 — Which is the best Justice League title in a VERY long time, and kind of the only one worth reading.
    • Black Panther – Issue #515 — Panther may fill the void left in my reading by abandoning the trainwreck that is Grant Morrison’s “Batman.”
    • The Unwritten – Issue #22 — The second-best title on stands, losing out only to Morning Glories.
    • The Flash – Issue #9 — Which is the start of “The Road to Flashpoint,” which I’m very excited about.
  3. Got my preorder in for the new Drive-By Truckers record…and in defiance of Valentine’s Day, I’ve made myself a special DBT VD playlist, for use next monday.  Here it is:
    • Feb 14
    • Your Woman is a Living Thing
    • Marry Me
    • Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)
    • Heathens
    • Everybody Needs Love
    • The Deeper In
    • Your Daddy Hates Me
    • Goddamn Lonely Love
    • My Sweet Annette
    • 18 Wheels of Love
    • Love Like This

And that’s all…see why I don’t want to post much right now?