This has nothing to do with the rest of the post, but “Blu-Ray” is just another term for “Costs more than the same thing on DVD for no reason.”

I’m largely out of ideas of anything interesting to write…so you know what that means…

  1. New record by …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead comes out on Tuesday.  I did a pre-order for a double disc version that comes with a t-shirt for $23.  Pretty good deal.  Love that band and the oft crazy, sometimes surprisingly beautiful, always noisy music they make.  I’m very excited.  In fact, if I were to go back and edit my top ten records of 2009 list, I’d probably promote their CD from that year (“The Century of Self”) to #1 for that year.  I’ve definitely listened to it more than I have Mastodon.
  2. Superbowl’s tomorrow.  Don’t care about either team, but I’m looking forward to the party.  Peel and eat shrimp.  And beer.  But not good beer.  But good shrimp.  So that works.  Just hoping the forecasted snow isn’t too bad—especially since we got a semi-surprise snow shower last night.
  3. Dave’s got his nice, expensive bass back as of today (I think…haven’t actually talked to him today).  So that means the Two Hangmen EP will soon be back on course.  Which means I should finally do that guitar work I keep accidentally putting off tomorrow…if there’s time before the game, that is…which there isn’t…but whatever.
  4. I was making some rough notes on what might or might not become the next Derek Brink solo record in 2012.  I have a playlist of 10 songs I definitely like enough to put on something sometime…but I’d like 1-3 more.  I opened up a notebook and wrote “Definite Possible Tracklist” at the top of the page…then under the ten songs I like, I wrote, “This bastard could really use a song about coffee…”  So apparently, that’s how that’s going.
  5. I don’t really want to talk about my job on the blog…but it’s still there…
  6. In the past three days, I’ve eaten Chinese food from my favorite place, barbecue from my favorite place, and Mexican from one of my favorite places (though maybe not my absolute favorite, I’m not sure).  Now if someone would just give me a steak, we’d have something.
  7. Been stalled between sections of Joe Hill’s “Horns.”  The book is divided into five sections, and I’ve read two.  I need to resume.  Just haven’t yet.
  8. I know there’s bad stuff in the world.  Famine, flood, destruction, violence, and all kinds of evil.  But the worst thing in the world is still listening to someone chew.  Or possibly someone blowing their damn nose.
  9. Update on a thing I wrote last week…  I’m appearing with the Michael Feldman Group again on February 19 at Eddie’s Pub in St. Charles.  Should be fun.  Eddie’s is small, ridiculously smokey, and has some really nice people in it.  Plus beer.  Mostly good beer.  But not Guinness.  But Heineken.
  10. Made a couple of changes to the blog template that you may have noticed.  Deleted the useless “Works in Progress” tab.  Never updated it, so it’s gone.  Also changed the background a little.  Got rid of that dull grey and replaced it with the maroon-ish coloured fabric image that I used for the background of  I like that it looks like it matches now.  (Unless, of course, you’re reading this on your mobile device…those things really shouldn’t serve as your primary Internet connection…they rob you of a LOT of aesthetics.)
  11. Next yuppie on a bicycle I see riding around in the snow is getting hit.

And I’ll go out on that note.