But what an elephant was doing in my pajamas, I’ll never know!

My laundry isn’t dry yet, so I’m posting.

  1. I’m trying to get my loan with Mohela refinanced.  I have my doubts that they’ll do it…but it’s worth a shot.  I don’t HAVE the extra $50/month to give them…so they’re either going to have to help me out somehow, or I’m going to have to…I don’t know what…  Suck it, I suppose.
  2. In defiance of Mohela—and because buying things makes me feel better—I picked up a couple of CDs this week.  Quick reviews, which will be expanded upon, should I ever get “Empty Checking” working again.  (More on that momentarily.)
    • Iron & Wine – “Kiss Each Other Clean” — I feel like a little bit of a trend jumper for liking Iron & Wine, but here we are.  I really dig this record.  (And not just because the guy looks like Zach Galifianakis.)  Particular standout tracks are “Monkeys Uptown” (always thought it was spelled “monkies,” but that’s neither here nor there) and “Rabbit Will Run.”  The latter is so good, I thought it was a cover of a Pink Floyd song I didn’t know or something.  This one’s a little bit of a departure from his earlier work—a little more 70s rock, a little less 70s folk…but it works, and some of these songs will be crowd pleasers for a long time, I’m sure.
    • Wanda Jackson – “The Party Ain’t Over” — You’re damn right it ain’t.  As my brother said on his new music blog, she still sounds like she’s 20.  Classic Sun Record standards spring to new life on this record, peppered with more modern influences…even boasting a mystifying and genius cover version of Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good.”  Jack White produced and plays on the record…and this is the first record with his name on it that I’ve knowingly bought.  I’m not a fan of the White Stripes…and I don’t know…maybe it’s Meg’s fault.  Jack’s great on this record, and I can’t imagine it being this good without him.  Record of the year potential…but the year is young, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
  3. Re: “Empty Checking.”  I don’t know what’s going on.  The software I’ve been using to upload keeps showing that it’s reached 100%, then it freezes and uploads NOTHING.  So…that blows.  I’m trying to figure it out and I’ll keep you posted.
  4. Feldman gig this past weekend went really well.  Good crowd, nice bar owners, and fun time playing.  Had to buy my own beers (bars are like that for bands more and more these days), but their prices were great.  I only paid $6.00 for my two bottles of Guinness.  In a lot of places, $6.00 has only bought me ONE Guinness…so no complaints there!  (And for the record, when I asked how they handle drinks for the band, the girl behind the bar told me we pay our own way, but sounded almost apologetic about it, which was very nice of her.  A lot of places act insulted when you ask about it, like they’ve never HEARD of giving a free drink to a band…but this place was different.  In a down economy, I don’t mind paying for my own drinks if the people are nice and the prices are fair, so last night was just fine by me.)  Anyway…yeah, great gig, and a lot of fun with good people.
  5. Probably playing again with Mike very soon.  VERY soon.  I’ll keep you posted after I talk to him tomorrow.  🙂
  6. Okay…so the Fantastic Four finally killed Johnny “The Human Torch” Storm in this past week’s issue.  Been so long coming, I thought it’d already happened and I’d missed it.  I bought the issue.  It was well done…but we all know he’ll be back.  That’s how comics work these days.  (Cross-reference: Superman, Bruce Wayne, Captain America—at least twice, and pretty much every villain there’s ever been.)  It didn’t even look like they actually killed him in the frame where they supposedly did it.  I was actually pretty disappointed.  But anyway…that happened.
  7. Watched the SAG awards tonight.  Absolutely nothing to report on that.  Boring and lifeless show that is the epitome of an industry patting itself on the back.  People complain about the Oscars…but the SAG awards are just ridiculous.  It’s just the SAG union sitting around clapping for one another.  It’s like if the UPS union had an award show and handed out “nicest use of brown pants” awards.  It seems like they were having a SAG convention and decided to insert awards into it just for fun…and it was also a 2 hour commercial for “The Fighter” (seriously…how classless was Wahlberg in his promo segment?) and “The Social Network.”  …but Betty White looked happy to win anyway.  That’s something.
  8. Supposed to be a major snowfall happening in St. Louis tomorrow—or today, depending on how you look at it…  Apparently it’ll be the biggest one we’ve had since 1981.  (I seem to remember a really bad one somewhere between 85-89 though…I’m not sure why people are skipping over that one.)  At the moment, I’m still planning on going to work…but we’ll see if my driveway is passable, much less the roads.  I’m mainly dreading it because last time we had a major ice-based storm here, the power went out in most areas for about a week.  So you might have to watch your own ass while Ameren is covering theirs.
  9. I’ve been moving slowly through Joe Hill’s “Horns.”  But suffice to say, I’m pretty good at predicting things in this genre.  🙂  Still a great read…I just haven’t been reading much this week.
  10. I didn’t get any farther (further?) on the Two Hangmen guitar parts yet.  I’m hoping maybe I’ll have some time tomorrow after work.  I think I’m settling into how I want to do it though, so it’ll be good.  And for those geeks among us (me), I’m probably mostly sticking to my Telecaster and my Gretsch for this one.  They seem to have the right sound for the project.  (But there’s a part of me that wants to throw on a little bit of that really expensive and seldom-used Les Paul I’ve got…maybe I’ll just do a different guitar on every song, ha ha.)
  11. I just looked at the tabs at the top of the blog.  I’m realizing that I rarely update them.  I’m thinking I’ll either do away with one or two of them or that I’ll replace them with something more static that doesn’t feel like it should be updated.  I’ll think it through, though…odds are I’ll forget about it.  🙂

…and that’s all my brain will allow right now.  I’m sore and sleepy from the gig yesterday.  Haven’t played that long in a while, and it takes a lot out of me.  So I’m going to check the dryer and hopefully go to bed.

See you after the snowpocalypse.