No, you hit HIM on the head. You naughty moose!

Blah blah blah…

  1. I finally picked up CAKE’s new record, “Showroom of Compassion.”  It’s great.  Got the groove-inspired rock thing going on that they’ve always done, and it’s super catchy.  I love both the “featured” tracks of “Sick of You” and “Long Time.”  The rest is also hugely enjoyable.  Glad I picked it up.
  2. I also picked up a copy of Joe Hill’s “Horns.”  I found it at Barnes & Noble’s website in hardcover.  I was happy to get it, then even happier to open to the verso and see that it’s a first edition!  (I know…geeky…but it’s the little pleasures…  And yes.  I said “verso.”)  I like it so far…but I am in about chapter seven and I’m already ready to make a prediction.  In like Chapter Two, the main character (Ig), who was accused but never convicted of raping and murdering his ex-girlfriend, wakes up to be told by his PRESENT girlfriend that after their previous night’s fight, she’d had oral sex with a guy in the bar she’d known in high school.  I’m making the call right now.  That guy’s going to turn out to have been the real rapist/murderer of Ig’s ex-girlfriend.  (Not hard to tell…if you introduce a gun in the first act, someone uses it in the third.)  But even though I’m already calling that, I like the book a lot so far.  It’s just as compelling as “Heart Shaped Box” was.
  3. Didn’t watch the State of the Union speech tonight.  It’s not that I don’t care…it’s just that I know what shape the country’s in and I’m not of the crowd that needs a rallying speech to believe in the guy I helped elect.  And I sure-as-sugar don’t need the subsequent two days of the Bullshit Report (aka the “news”) analyzing every word he said.
  4. I mentioned last week that my friend/coworker Larry has been out sick.  I think he’s coming back tomorrow…  Which is, of course, the day after I finally figured out what I’m doing with the extra tasks of his job that fell onto my desk while he’s been gone.  🙂
  5. I think I’m less disappointed by the fact that “Jersey Shore” is a thing than I am that I know people who watch it.
  6. Sock puppet in the audience on “Conan…”
  7. As I’ve mentioned before, I still watch wrestling for some reason…  And right now, that reason is CM Punk.  He’s great, and he’s saving the show.  They’re nuts if they don’t put him in the title picture.  (And yes, I know wrestling’s fake…I just like it, and I don’t really have anywhere else to talk about it right now.)
  8. My toothache already feels fine, by the way…  But for some reason, my stomach has been kinda sensitive for the past two days.  I’m blaming the Long John Silver’s from Sunday night (and the leftovers from Monday night).
  9. Patton Oswalt looks to have lost a little weight…or at least looks thinner in his street clothes than he did in the suit he wore on his last comedy special.  Either way, good for him.
  10. So I’m afraid of flying and also afraid of large bodies of water.  It’d really blow to be a duck.
  11. Two Hangmen EP experienced a slight delay tonight.  Dave’s having his (nicer) bass repaired.  So we’re picking it up next Tuesday.  But on the plus side, that’ll give me a chance to come closer to completed guitar tracks this week, hopefully.
  12. Gonna have to get that Wanda Jackson record that Jack White produced.  They did a performance on “Conan” tonight, and it was excellent.
  13. New comic book releases tomorrow.  That’ll be fun…last week was great with both “Morning Glories” and “Scarlet” coming out.  “Morning Glories” is so good, it should be a TV show.  But if they did that, they’d ruin it.  It’s perfect how it is, and if you’re not reading it, I actually feel bad for you.

…and I think that’ll do.  I’ll keep you posted on all the stuff that needs posting.

Addition – I just found out that my student loan payments went up $50 a month.  (Thanks for all the warning, Mohela.)  So…unless I get a raise in a down-turned economy and also about 6-8 months away from my annual review, that pretty much takes me out of buying much of anything interesting for the forseeable future.  Maybe a CD here and there.  Maybe MAYBE I can still afford comics…  But bye-bye banjo.  And possibly also lunch.  Great. 

Don’t go to college, kids.

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