Sign of the Times

If you’re wondering how the economy’s going, I think I have a pretty good answer.  We had a pretty big snowfall in the St. Louis area on Wednesday night into Thursday morning.  Not as much as the 20+ inches some have had recently, but at between 6-9 inches, it was the biggest storm we’ve had in a long while.  I worked from home today rather than deal with the threat of poorly treated Missouri streets (MoDot sucks), but I did have to venture out this evening for a rehearsal with a band.  (As a side story, I had assumed that at 7:00 pm the streets would be okay, but I slid across a street and hit a curb pretty freaking hard—and if there’s damage, I’m sending the bill to my Congressman…but that’s not what I wanted to write about.)

Coming home from the rehearsal, I noticed that my gas tank was a little low. Being that I’m going to have to go in to work tomorrow, I decided to put some gas in the tank tonight, so I can just walk right out the door tomorrow and don’t have to leave any earlier—as I’m sure we all would do in that situation.  So it’s ten o’clock at night, and I’m at a QuikTrip.  I’m of the type that ALWAYS reaches for the plain-Jane “Unleaded” and doesn’t ever go with a higher grade.  I know that some people like to use Premium or what have you, and some cars even have little stickers on them that tell you which grade you’re supposed to use to benefit your engine—and people tend to listen to that for some reason.

Well…I think it’s a sign of the times that when I’d put the (entirely CLEAN) Unleaded nozzle into my tank, I glanced at the other two and saw this:

Why is this picture so much better/cleaner than the picture of my veal???

Notice how the middle grade has some snow on it, but the Premium has obviously not been touched all day?

Guess that’s how the recession works.