Random Stuff for Random Days

I’ve got a list of things not worth writing about…so you know what that means.  It’s RANDOM TIME, DAWG!!!

Sorry…I haven’t been sleeping well.

Anyway…let’s go…

  1. This first thing actually IS worth writing about.  My friend/coworker Larry is pretty sick.  He’s going to be off work for some time, and it’s kind of a bummer.  I don’t know if he’d want the full details spelled out on the Internet (even though it’s nothing too serious or embarrassing or whatever)…so I’ll leave it alone…  But anyway…get well soon, Larry.  But stay away from me until you are.
  2. Been working on the “Two Hangmen” EP.  I worked pretty hard on drum tracks this weekend, but I’m not really happy with them.  I don’t play drums too often, so it’s taking me some time to figure out what I want.  I have kind of arrived at the right IDEAS for each song, but my execution isn’t quite right.  I’m planning on doing re-takes this week, possibly into weekend.  I might just be overly critical of my own performance because I know my drumming isn’t as strong as my guitar playing, though.
  3. I found this picture online that I thought was kind of interesting.  Apparently these are the models for the “American Gothic” painting standing next to the piece.  I’ve never seen this before and thought those of you who also haven’t might find it interesting.  Sorry if you’ve seen it a dozen times already.  (As a side note…did you know that the woman is supposed to be the farmer’s spinster DAUGHTER, not his wife?  Found that out this week, myself.)

    I saw it first at http://9gag.com/gag/69178/, though I'm sure that wasn't the original source since that's not really what that blog is all about.
  4. Long time readers of the blog know that I’m often critical of Rush Limbaugh, to the point of being downright mean about it.  I feel justified in that most of the time.  However, I’m a fair man and I’ve got to say that with his recent post about Obama’s “Applause” “controversy,” Limbaugh did the right thing.  (It’s “Story #5” on this page.)  He pointed out that the (mainly online) Conservatives accusing Obama of using “Applause” signs during his speech in Arizona last week were wrong, and that the word popping up on the screen was just part of the closed captioning for the hard of hearing.  I don’t like Limbaugh, and I think he and his ilk are a MAJOR part of the problem with American politics today…but I’m man enough to say that showed class on his part.  Here’s hoping (though doubting) that he builds on that.
  5. I may miss buying new comic books on Wednesday…  A client is taking us to dinner at a REALLY nice place that night.  It’s at 7:00.  I get off work at 5:00, and usually make it home around 6:00.  I’m not sure that allows time to get to the comic store before dinner—and even if it does, the restaurant is kind of on my way home.  So I’m conflicted.  Especially because “Scarlet” #4 comes out this week…and I love that series…
  6. I’ve got a rehearsal with the Feldman Group on Thursday.  Should be fun, but I’ll probably be exhausted by then.  Big week!  🙂
  7. I’m reading Nick Hornby’s “About A Boy.”  I’d thought I’d already read it, but I couldn’t remember where the story goes after the two stories merge into one another, so I guess I didn’t finish it.  I’m about half way through, and I certainly don’t remember any of this stuff.  Not sure how that happened.  But anyway, I’m enjoying it.  It’s nice to spend time in the 90s again.
  8. I think I need a haircut.  My hair’s been weird lately.  It’s longer than it’s been in a while, and it either looks totally cool or totally horrible…so I’m thinking I’m going to cut it soon to a length where it just looks either “fine” or looks like I’m wearing a hat.  I’m tired of thinking about it.  But then again, I’m also going to have trouble scheduling the appointment, since the place I go closes so freaking early…
  9. Stuff I’ll buy soon:
    1. “Horns” by Joe Hill — It was on my Christmas List, but no one got it for me.  It’s probably not quite in paperback yet, so no one could find it.  But I’ve GOT to read this thing!
    2. Cake’s new album.  — I really like the single.  The record’s been out for about a week or so, and I just haven’t been to Best Buy.  Maybe I’ll order online from Barnes & Noble or Amazon and get the Hill book at the same time.
    3. Banjo – I’m doing a decent job of saving.  Hopefully soon!
  10. Golden Globes Wrap Up…  I don’t have a lot to say, but here are the talking points I care about.
    1. I’m not too positive on Ricky Gervais these days…  He did okay, I guess.  Seemed like he was used sparingly, and even though people have been making a big deal of some of the things he said, I don’t think he was any more edgy than anything they say on SNL every week.  In fact, I got the impression he was reigning it in.
    2. Jim Parsons’ win was pretty cool.  I liked how Kaley Cuoco freaked out when he won.  You could tell she’d been thinking, “There’s no way they’re going to have me announce a win for someone who’s on the same show as me…”  Then they did.  It was kind of a sweet moment, and I thought his speech was good.  Wryly funny, but also sincere.
    3. DeNiro’s reception of the Cecil B Demille Award was odd.  Matt Damon’s intro seemed to fall flat, with the joke of him doing impressions of the wrong characters being stale after the first one.  (And I LIKE Matt Damon…)  Then DeNiro’s speech seemed self-congratulatory and also filled with jokes that didn’t work.  It just seemed like both guys were trying to be funnier than they’re able to be.  BUT, I am glad to see DeNiro get that kind of recognition, because I think he deserves it, even though he gets typecast a lot.
    4. It was nice of all those private-school/tutor educated producers of “Glee” to thank public-school educators.

And that should do it.  If my blogging slows down a little later in the week, it’s just because I’m exhausted.


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