And THAT’S why the world is how it is…

I was in a Facebook discussion about Martin Scorsese movies last night.  I consented that his movies are very long and slowly paced.  But I still maintained that I liked them and they frequently have turns you don’t see coming, etc, etc…

I do genuinely like Scorsese…  I mean, the back of his baseball card is pretty impressive.  Goodfellas, Gangs of New York, Taxi Driver, Cape Fear, The Departed, Casino, Raging Bull, Shutter Island, Last Temptation of Christ…etc…  But yeah, he does seem to have graduated from Drag-Ass University sometimes.

Still…  I think I won the argument when the following comment was made in response, with absolutely no irony intended:

If I have to THINK too much, how is that ENTERTAINING?

Victory for me.  Loss for theatre, the arts, and soccer moms everywhere.

Hey ho.