The Times, They are A-Changing, Batman.

I’m watching an old episode of the “Batman” TV series.  Some of the dialogue just doesn’t hold up very well in the world in which we all now, unfortunately, live.

The Joker is featured in this episode—so it’s a good one.  In his capering, he purchased an old magazine/printing company from which to run the semi-legitimate face of his criminal operation.  The name of the publishing company he bought?  “Penthouse Publishing.”


To make matters worse…  Bruce Wayne visits the Joker’s office as part of an elaborate ruse to trip up the nefarious trickster.  When he arrives, the Joker tells his henchmen (who in this particular case, happen to be robots) that they are to be on “Amber Alert.”

That’s…that’s a shame.

Oh well…at least it’s more relevant than the “Batman Incorporated” storyline that’s going on in the comic books today.