It’s up to you to decide which of the indecisions you believe in this post…

Okay…so I’ve been telling people, and I even put on the blog, that I have no plans to release a solo record this year.  It’s an expensive prospect as an individual for various reasons—especially the way I do it, keeping so much in-house, under my own labor.  I just released “Out from the Light” in 2009, and I did “New Year’s Eve” in 2010 (although in fairness, the latter was about a 5 year labor of love).  It’s time for a break from that.

2011 seems like a good year to take some time to develop the Two Hangmen project and put out something under that name.  (And even though there’s really only one other person involved, even splitting it at a level that he would pay a share toward physical products and I would still maintain my “in-house” mentality would be a massive relief to me, while being a minimal expense to Dave.)  Especially with Blue Tattoo crapping out in 2010, I am very VERY motivated to release a project with my brother.  And 2011 is a good time to do that, so I’ve been looking forward to a year where I’d release a project that isn’t just about ME.

However…  (There’s ALWAYS a “however.”)

I was cataloging some demos and lyrics this week and I started a folder on my laptop for stuff that I *might* want to visit later and that *might* turn into a record.  I have about 10-15 songs in that folder.  Oops.  That’s a record.

On the plus side, I have not started recording yet.  On the minus side, I do have an album title in mind, and I have a rough composite of a front cover for it.  So maybe there’ll be some work done this year after all…BUT, I still say that you shouldn’t expect a solo Derek Brink CD in 2011.  It’ll be 2012 at the earliest, I’m sure.

But if…and let me underline, italicize, and bold that in all caps…IF I get excited about it and move more quickly than expected to bring about a 2011 release, it will begin as an Internet ONLY release through iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster, with physical products offered only upon request.  And it’ll be more rock/pop based than the last two were.  (More like the “Things I Meant to Say” record, but less maudlin and a little more aggressive.)  And IF it happens, I’ll let you know here first.  🙂

But it’s not likely.  It’ll be in 2012.  I promise.  I think.

Seriously.  I plan on working on Two Hangmen first and foremost.  I HAD planned on focusing entirely on Blue Tattoo before that fell apart, so I’m just transferring that to Two Hangmen.  And I swear, I won’t be doing a solo record this year.


But IF I do, do you want to know the title?  You’ll hate it…but this is it.

“Pop Art Manifesto.”

See?  It sucks.  But I like it.  So IF I want to suck, it’s my choice.

…but I probably won’t suck this year.




And for the record re: my last post…I’m not actually in love with Larry.  🙂  He’s a friend of mine and that was at a Halloween party this year.  For some reason he started downing a whole bag of Skittles in one gulp and I was watching and laughing and someone took an awkward-looking picture.  Made me laugh, so I shared…and yes, Larry’s aware that I posted that, and yes he thought it was funny too.  I’m only writing this because it seems to have even confused my BROTHER…so I thought clarification might be good for those of you who might’ve similarly misread the lack of words involved.  So there.