People I Didn’t Know Were Gay

As you may have already guessed, I’ve been a little low on ideas of what to write about on the blog.  So, with no further ado, here is a brief list of celebrities I only recently found out are/were gay, for some reason.  (And I’d like to point out that this is written with absolutely no judgement…just stating that I didn’t know…not that I particularly CARE.)

  1. Anderson Cooper – This is what started the research for this post.  I had absolutely no idea until I heard someone else mention it in passing, then I looked it up, and apparently he’s VERY open about it.
  2. Derek Jacobi – Took me by surprise.  I’m familiar with him based on his appearances in “I, Claudius,” “Dead Again,” “Doctor Who,” and so on…including a very memorable appearance as a washed up sci-fi actor on “Frasier.”  I’d consider myself a pretty big fan of Derek Jacobi’s (he even spells Derek the RIGHT way!)…but somehow I didn’t even have an inkling that he *might* be gay…much less that he’s “Civilly Unioned” to someone.
  3. Chuck Pahlaniuk – The guy that wrote “Fight Club,” “Invisible Monsters,” “Choke,” “Haunted,” etc, etc…  Novels that are more or less considered “books for guys.”  Apparently he also LIKES guys.  Guess that just goes to show you…not every stereotype exists for a reason.
  4. Alan Cumming – I had no clue!  (To be fair, it sounds more like he’s bisexual to me, although he has also been “Civilly Unioned” to his partner.)
  5. Jodie Foster – Though it does seem to be largely unconfirmed, most people seem to assume it’s true.  In which case, I’d just like to say, “Take THAT, John Hinckley!”
  6. Chely Wright – Which makes her the first openly gay woman in mainstream country music.
  7. Jennifer Knapp – She’s known as a Christian recording artist, who was probably most successful in the late 90s.  People were apparently pretty shocked when she came out.  It’s always amazing to watch the “Christians” react to someone’s personal life.
  8. Elton John – Kidding. I knew that one.
  9. Greta Garbo – Rumored, and can’t be confirmed since she and pretty much everyone who could realistically confirm it are dead…but that would explain why she wanted to spend so much time “alone.”
  10. Rip Torn – And no…you’re thinking of Rip Taylor.  Rip Torn being gay is much more surprising.
  11. Some claim that Alec Guinness was at least bisexual, but I doubt it since this only came out AFTER his death, and previous to that, I’d always heard he was something of a womanizer—which also might not be true, for that matter.
  12. Sara Gilbert – Darlene from “Roseanne.”  I had no idea.  Probably took the pressure off of kissing Johnny Galecki, though.

And that’s it.  Those are all the people who I didn’t know were gay.  I mean sure, Rob Halford was a surprise in the 90s, and David Hyde Pierce was mildly surprising in the early part of this century…and somehow, I didn’t see Nathan Lane coming, either…but the above, I only found out about recently.


In other news: Jim Beam’s Red Stag (Bourbon infused with Black Cherry) is delicious.  Especially over ice.


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