Update – Two Hangmen, etc…

Wow.  Almost a week.  Longest I’ve gone without blogging in a long time.  Sorry about that.

The past week’s been weird.  Work is slightly confusing without Christine in the office—not BAD, but weird.  I think we’re all still adjusting and somehow it’s making the days a little bit exhausting—but again, not necessarily BAD.  And my rhythm for the evenings has seemed WAY off, too.  But that may be because I’ve been mixing some music and performing some more or less “sonic experiments.”  That basically means I’m sitting around saying, “What if I put all the drums in the left channel and then everything else in the right, and that’s how I leave it?  Will anyone notice?”

Answer: “Probably not.”

All that is basically being considered “preparation work” for the upcoming Two Hangmen EP.  I started doing some “scratch tracks” for the project last week.  And I thought I’d do a little bit more “serious” recording immediately thereafter…but I’ve taken a small step back to work on some ideas I have for working with the “smaller” sound we’re going to have on this project.  It’s important.  Don’t excuse it as laziness.  It’s VERY important that I go into it knowing what I want to do with it—even if it changes in the process.

Good news is, I think I’ve got a few things figured out.  Bad news is, that means I’m about a week behind where I want to be on things with the project.  Not too big a deal, all things considered.  Hoping to regain some ground tomorrow night before rehearsal, in fact.  (But no promises.)

I know this all sounds a bit stupid, what with “sonic experiments” and “preparation work” and “scratch tracks” and “smaller sounds.”  But mostly, this was just an “exercise” in my New Year’s resolution to use more unnecessary “quotation marks” and “air quotes.”

So suck on that.


Current Listening:

  • A bunch of Aimee Mann.  Mostly “The Forgotten Arm” and “Fucking Smilers!” in particular.