Wait a minute! There’s no Angus McCloud in North Kilttown! Why, you’re not from Scotland at all!

Got a few things in my brain…let’s pour ’em out…

  • Let’s start by mentioning that my now-former co-worker Christine will no longer be working with our company.  I don’t have all the details on the whys and whats, and unless someone wants to tell me about it, it’s not really my business in the first place.  But, I will miss Christine, and I hope she finds herself doing something awesome very soon.  Kind of a bummer to find that out today, but hopefully we’ll stay friends and all that stuff…  Anyway…  Dunno if she reads the blog…but just in case — Have an awesome summer, Christine!  See you next fall!  …wait…that’s what you write in a yearbook.  Dammit!  ALMOST had it there…
  • My guitar rig has gotten stupid.  I set out to scale-down my effect board.  I removed some stuff I haven’t been using, and put in some stuff I thought might be useful in the future.  And instead of using my one, multi-purpose, Blue Tattoo-era board…  I am now running TWO boards, chained together, with both pre and post effects.  I’m not sure how that happened, but it’s insane, and it sounds GREAT.  I love it…but do I really want to cart all of that around?!?
  • I’ve been sleeping TERRIBLY lately.  I think the past two nights, I’ve gotten to sleep around 4 a.m.  It’s currently 12:30-ish, and tonight’s not looking much better.  I don’t know what the deal is…but I wish I could get some freaking sleep.
  • I’ve been searching and searching for a misplaced lyric.  About two or three years ago, I started writing a song about a long-deceased relative of mine names Walter Winn.  He has some ghost-stories wrapped up around him (nothing serious…just stuff to scare the little kids, back in the day) and it made for a good lyric.  But it’s gone.  I can’t find it anywhere.  I think I found page TWO of it tonight…but I’m missing most of it.  Guess we’re in for a re-write.  Oh well.
  • On a related note…  While I’ve been looking through old notebooks, I’ve been running across a lot of abandoned TERRIBLE lyrics.  I write a LOT of crap that never sees the light of day, and with good cause.  I found one such lyric that made me laugh out loud, but not so much because of the lyric, but because of what I wrote underneath it.  I had written 6 or 8 lines and abandoned it, apparently deciding it wasn’t worth finishing while I was still in the middle of it.  I then drew an arrow from the bottom of the page, up to the abandoned words and wrote next to the arrow: “That, only good.”  Why would I write that?  To remind myself that maybe I liked writing about that topic, but the lyric at hand was crap?  Made me laugh and I told my brother about it tonight and he laughed about as hard as I did.  Thought I’d share with the rest of you.  🙂
  • Banjo Update – There has been no banjo purchased.  However, I am hoping to come into some money in the next couple of weeks, and maybe I’ll be able to swing it soon.  Here’s hoping.  I started going over some of the repairs needed to my grandpa’s, and it’s a BIG job.  He was fairly rough on it—which makes sense, since he actually PLAYED it and it didn’t just sit in a closet somewhere.  I’ve got guitars in worse shape that I’ve played less…so it stands to reason…  But still, it’s a little bit disappointing and the thought of doing the whole of the repair-job is overwhelming.  So…anyway…hopefully a new banjo will come into my life BEFORE I finish the lengthy repair process on Grandpa’s.
  • One of my neighbors is running for Mayor in my town.  So, people of Florissant, when the ballot is out there, please vote for Tom Schneider, okay?  (I’m sure he’ll be on it.  He’s in the “petition” phase now to get his name on the official ballot, and from what I hear it’s going very well.)  He’s a good man, and he’s got a good family.  He had my vote from the moment I heard he *might* run.  He’s not a typical politician.  He uses his head, thinks things through, and is honest.  We need that in my town, and we need that in America.  So, I just wanted to say that.
  • I had Chinese food from my favorite place last night.  That makes me happy.
  • Working on the Two Hangmen EP.  I’ve got some (VERY) rough scratch tracks that I’m hoping to clean up this weekend.  I think we’ll have something good on our hands once it’s done.  I’m excited about it.  I’ll keep you posted.

And that’ll do it…just wanted to get those few things out of my brain.  Thanks for reading.

Oh…and the post title is a Simpson’s reference, if you didn’t know.  Saw that episode last night and that line’s been bouncing through my brain all day.  Has nothing to do with anything else in the post.  🙂


Current Listening:

  • I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Rufus Wainwright and Elton John.  Kinda works, but I’m afraid I might fall in love with a man if I keep this going for too long.