Last Random Post of 2010

The arbitrary passage of time is yielding a “new year” in a few hours.  So I thought I’d get in one more post, just under the wire.  And we’ll do it random-style.

  1. Been enjoying an all-day Doctor Who marathon.  And that’s how I plan on ringing in the “new year” as well.  As you may have guessed from the “New Year’s Eve” record that I put out completely for free this year, I don’t think much of New Year’s Eve.  I have no plans.  I planned to have no plans.  I find years where I DO have plans irritating, in fact.  While the rest of you enjoy Amateur Hour, I’ll be enjoying the best of BBC Sci-Fi.  But still…have fun.  🙂
  2. I think I’m starting to come around on the Green Lantern as a comic book character.  I used to not care about him at all, and I still think the “Corps” is entirely too complicated and dumb…but “Blackest Night” was pretty good.  And with the void that has been left in my life by abandoning the Grant Morrison helmed “Batman,” I need something else to read.  GL may fit the bill.  Or maybe not.  We’ll see…  But the movie is starting to look good anyway.
  3. We had some bad weather rip through today.  Tornadoes in the Fenton area—which is pretty clear from where I am, but I do know people there, who I really hope aren’t dead.  So, I hope all of you who were wanting it to get warmer in St. Louis enjoyed your tornado.
  4. I’ve begun working on some of the scratch-tracks for the forthcoming “Two Hangmen” EP.  We keep TALKING about recording it, but we’ve not taken any real action on the thing…so I decided to shit, since I’m sitting on the pot.  I’ll keep you all posted, I’m sure.
  5. Barefoot wines.  Good stuff.  Just thought I’d mention it.
  6. It’s been a while since I’ve done it…but here’s another entry in my ongoing “Facebullshit” campaign, where I post quotes I find ridiculous that other friends of mine seem to have found motivational enough to post in their status.  I’m unsure of where this came from, because I didn’t put the source…so if one of my friends who reads the blog actually wrote it…my apologies, I try to only use quotes from famous people/books/etc.  Anyway…here’s the latest entry in Facebullshit.  —  “If you want to question the meaning of life, why don’t you question the question first?”  Seriously…does anyone know what the hell that’s supposed to mean?
  7. Conan is for some reason in re-runs right now—and I think that continues into next week as well.  I’m all for giving the guys on the show time off for Christmas…but that kinda makes for a boring 10:00-hour when it lasts for two weeks…
  8. I’ve got gift cards to spend, but no idea on what to spend them.  The Kohls one will probably be easy, because if nothing else I will need pants at some point.  But the Best Buy one is going to be difficult, even though I asked for it.  As I mentioned a few posts ago, they’ve gutted their CDs and DVDs, and I’m not really able to find anything I want there anymore.  Ho hum…  Maybe a downpayment on a BluRay player?  They’re going to force us all to convert sooner or later anyway…
  9. I actually had a couple of people ask, so I’ll answer here as well…  No.  I have no real plans to release a solo record in 2011.  The “New Year’s Eve” thing will have to hold everyone over.  But I’m likely to do some downloads on the website sooner or later.  It’s just gotten to the point that releasing a record is pretty expensive (even with CDs dying), and if I put my name on anything this year, it’ll be the Two Hangmen project.  That’ll be good though…so keep any eye out for that.
  10. Work has been a little slow lately.  We’re in a down-season.  It’s weird, though, because this is SUPPOSED to be our down-season, but it didn’t happen last year, so it’s extra down now.  Or at least that’s what I think is happening…  Who can tell?  Anyway…if anyone wants to get into some accidents with commercial trucks over the next few weeks to help us out, that’d be great.  🙂
  11. I think I’m about a month away from buying a new banjo.  I’m officially a member of the St. Louis Banjo Club now thanks to my Dad and Uncle Dan (who is not really my uncle).  As I’ve mentioned on the blog before, my Grandpa’s banjo that I play on and off needs some repairs, so I don’t want to take it out, and I don’t want to rush the repair job (which I will do myself, because I don’t trust St. Louis area luthiers with a 100 year old banjo).  So I’m looking for a new banjo, and if I can manage to get a couple of decent-sized paychecks under me, I should be able to buy one shortly.  (If nothing else happens.  Which it probably will.)  So thanks for the Christmas gift that’s costing me $400, Dad and Dan!  🙂

…and that’ll do it.  Have a happy “need to buy a new calendar” day.  I’ll see you in the Tardis.