The Way We Were – Part 3

Sorry I’ve been gone a few days.  Haven’t been feeling very well.  Still not 100%, but life goes on…

These are the last of the pictures I wanted to share.  At least for now.  Who knows what else lurks at the bottom of my drawers?  (Err…the drawers to my end-table, I mean…though now that I mention it…)

Anyway…let’s go…

Yes. I'm wearing a red coat. I don't know whose idea that coat!
This is my brother at a scout camp of some sort, shooting a gun. Probably the only time he ever did that. Personally, I've never shot a gun in my life--even having refused to do so AT SCOUT CAMP. 🙂 Thought this was interesting, as it's so out of pace with who Dave is as an adult. And I think that might be the same Darth Vader shirt as in the last post!
I am assuming that in the moments immediately following this picture, my mother murdered whoever gave her that shirt. I think I'm the one she's pregnant with at that point, because if you look, there are boxes for toys that were probably received by my brother. (Deduction!) Also...Go-Go boots?


And this is the follow-up to that shirt. 🙂 My Dad assures me that this was when Mom was pregnant with me. In fact, I think they may be going to the hospital to bring me into the world (I was a C-Section, for those who might wonder why they'd stop in the middle of her being in labor to take a picture).
This is how I particularly like to think of my father. This was apparently at some form of gift-giving event at my Grandma Herweck's old house. So I can guarantee there was no alcohol involved. Dad's just like this. Even now.
Yep. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that when people looked at me in this outfit, they saw Superman. People could've said, "Hey Derek" and I'd have been like, "I don't know who you're talking to. I'm Superman." On a side note, I still own that fan in the background, and if you look closely, you can see a baseball bat my Dad stole from a guy who stole it from Bob Uecker. (That's not quite accurate...but it's a long story, and if Dad wants to tell it he can get his OWN blog!)

And that’s it.  Hope you enjoyed these posts, reflecting on what it used to be like when I was kinda cute.  Sorry about what happened over time.

Next time:  Other stuff!


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