The Way We Were – Part 2

Okay.  Let’s resume.  Here are some pics from the old days, long, long ago. 

Before DVD…

Before cell phones…

Before laptops…

Before cordless telephones…

Before flat-screen TVs…

Before Justin Bieber…

There was…

This stuff!

This is from a birthday of mine where I got a drum set. (Not like a REAL drum set, but an almost-real one.) That's Grandpa Brink showing me how to hit the though I wouldn't have figured that out. I take the thing and you hit it...
My father tells me that these were the clothes we wore in my Uncle Ronie's wedding. I don't remember that, really...but I was very young, as you can see. I like this shot because you can tell that this was clearly my mom's idea. She's the only one in the picture who actually looks happy. 🙂 There was apparently not a moment's doubt in her mind that this picture would be perfect. Sorry, Mom.
This appears to be from my mother's unfortunate and ill-advised period of experimenting with wearing African tribal garb. (I think the baby is my cousin Cory. He's like 20-ish now.)
Apparently, I was a TRACK STAR! Not just a track star, but an all-caps TRACK STAR. I did not know that. If anyone had told me that, my life-path could have been very, very different.
With apologies to Dave, I like this shot. I remember and kinda miss that car. If you hover over the picture with your mouse (seriously...stop reading my blog on your iTouch, Dad), you'll see that I titled this one, "We've got a long way to go and a short time to--woah! Cool Darth Vader shirt!"
Thought I'd end on this one, because it's cool. These are the Johnston siblings. (That's mom's side of the family, in Arkansas.) I have no idea when this was taken, but I think George Shirley died before I was born... Anyway, starting in the back, that's Benny, Donald, Eddie, Gerald, George Shirley, (and the ladies) Stella, Clara, Marguerite (Deet), Naomi (Nay Nay), Elmarie (Grandma--At least I THINK that's her...makes sense...), and Cornelia.

Hope you’re enjoying these.  As always, if you’d like to embiggen the pictures, you need only to click them.  I’m only doing one more of these posts.  Then we’ll get back to nonsense.


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