The Way We Were – Part 1

I’ve been digging through old pictures of my family from when Dave and I were kids.  As such, I’ve got some pretty embarrassing and/or interesting pictures of all of us.  I thought I’d share a few.  (Don’t worry Dave.  Nothing TOO bad…  And don’t worry everyone else.  No naked baby pictures.)  I’m going to split this up over a few posts, just so you don’t have to sit and wait for like 20 pics to load all at once.  I think I’m doing three posts over the next 3-5 days.  And I’ll provide plenty of commentary in the captions.  🙂

Click any picture to embiggen.  Let’s rock.

This was Christmas in (I think) 1986---hence the awful sweater. My parents had no idea what they were starting by giving me this guitar. It was actually just one of those things where they gave me this because they'd gotten my brother a guitar as well. It was clearly a move to keep me from getting jealous. So what happened? Dave didn't learn to play anything until just a few years ago. I've been playing for somewhere between 15-20 years.
This is probably where me and Dave rocking together began. And yes. I'm wearing a diaper. Thanks for noticing. But about that HOT reel-to-reel player in the background?
This is the only picture I have, or indeed have ever even SEEN of my Grandpa Herweck. He died a couple of years before I was born. Love the Charles Nelson Reilly bow-tie.
This is my mom. She died in 1994. I'm going to guess that huge collar and confusing blouse pattern died long before that.
This is my Dad as a little kid, alongside my Grandpa Brink. Grandpa died in the late 90s. Dad didn't. Way to go, Dad! (Seriously though, how awesome is Dad's hat in this shot? It looks a lot like one my nephew is wearing in a recent picture, actually.)

…and to close it out and to both set the bar and show my lack of prejudice for embarrassing pictures…  I leave you with this train wreck…

Wicked hot! There are suspenders. There is a pink shirt. There is a similarly pink background. Those are also white shoes. My foot is propped up on a stool for some reason. And I look like I KNOW I own the freaking room! Thanks a bunch 1980s!

Hope you enjoyed round one.  Tomorrow will NOT be round two.  Tomorrow is another post in a Christmas Eve tradition for me.  It’s kind of a sad/kind of a sweet tradition.  So be prepared to be bummed out and say, “Well, it’s nice that he does that.”  …and we’ll return to the hilarity on Christmas Day.  🙂

(Oh…and I may throw some of this stuff up on my Facebook page, too…just for fun, if you’d like ’em all in one big gallery at a later date.)


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